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Norwood 3A Hair Transplant Results



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Norwood 3A Hair Transplant Results

Turning Back the Clock on Your Hairline

There are Two Norwood 3 Classifications

What does a Norwood 3A look like?

 3 Vertex – this is a slight bald spot appearing on the top of the scalp.

 3A – Light recession along the frontal hairline and noticeable hair loss at the midzone or crown.

What this means is someone classified as a Norwood 3A has slightly more advanced levels of hair loss compared to Norwood 2 primarily at the crown or midzone. Norwood 3 patients are very good candidates for hair transplant surgery due to the thinning and baldness that is relatively small compared to someone in the later stages of hair loss. Due to this we are not forced to sacrifice density and scatter the grafts over a large area and can instead focus the hair to the areas that really need it.

Before The Surgery

This gentleman expressed some concerns with his hair. “I have an island of hair at the front which doesn’t connect to the back anymore.” He also noted that other than wearing a hat it had become increasingly difficult to hide the areas of hair loss.

During his consultation we determined that he also wanted to address the forward hairline. With the recession slowly eating away at the “island” of hair at the front he wanted to bolster it with some extra hair to give a fuller appearance.

The Treatment Plan

Due to a strong donor site this patient was eligible for the F.U.E. transplant technique. This would allow him to relocate a large number of hairs without a long linear incision being made at the back of the scalp.

Dr. Sharma determined that we would need approximately 2,500 grafts to properly treat the frontal hairline & midzone. Often the front can use up 2,000 – 2,500 itself, but he had a conservative approach to his result. With this we would be able to create an age-appropriate hairline following his natural growth pattern.

Dr. Sharma Reviews the Results One Year Later

In this video, Dr. Anil Sharma goes over an F.U.E. transplant case completed at our clinic here in Edmonton. For this patient hair loss began at the frontotemporal angle and made it’s way back into the midzone. The loss of hair density due to miniaturization had affected his appearance and limited his hairstyle options considerably. Using a combination approach of medication and the F.U.E. hair transplant technique we were able to take a considerable number of grafts (2,722) and strategically place them to restore his youthful appearance. 

When considering a hair transplant, it’s important to find patients with similar hair loss for a fair comparison. For this case we are showing off a man who is classified as a Norwood 3a. 

The Results Speak for Themselves

Only one year later his midzone is almost completely restored. This is thanks to the large number of grafts placed throughout it during the hair transplant surgery along with the use of DHT blocking medication to prevent further hair loss. The added hair to the frontal hairline also gave him a more dense and youthful appearance.

Most importantly he can now walk out of the house without a hat. The newly located hair has obscured the scalp from view and even while wearing his hair quite short the balding areas are not noticeable. Something to note is that our before & after image was taken from an upwards angle, this man is well over 6 feet tall meaning most people will never even see this view. For this reason it is even more important to address and fill the forward hairline.

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Dr Anil Sharma

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