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When determining the cost of a hair transplant in Edmonton, there are a few key variables that need to be taken into account. The truth is that not all hair loss is the same, which means treatment needs to be determined individually for each patient, making static hair transplant pricing protocols both difficult and ineffective. Our aim at Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery is to restore your hair as close to its natural state as possible. To achieve a convincing result density and placement are the most important factors. To give thick and natural looking hair it’s important that we have enough “material” for the job. In the hair transplant space this is measured in follicular units, also know as graftsFor reference, the average hair transplant patient will require over 1,400 grafts for their restoration.


Hair Transplant Pricing

The primary factor in determining the cost of your hair transplant is the number of grafts to be relocated

1,200 - 1,500 Grafts

Starting at


This amount is best used to adjust the hairline, or add some hair to a thinning crown or midzone.

1,600 - 1,900 Grafts

Starting at


This is the average sized procedure. This amount can be used to fill medium sized areas of hair loss.

2,000 - 2,400 Grafts

Starting at


2,000+ grafts can go a long way to either fill in the crown & midzone or create an entirely new hairline.

2,500 - 2,900 Grafts

Starting at


High graft counts allow us to address multiple areas or fill lacking ones with significant coverage.

3,000+ Grafts

Starting at


The largest procedures offered reach the 3,500 graft mark. These are often used to restore large areas of hair loss.

Scar Revision
800 - 1,000 grafts

Starting at


Our smallest procedure, often saved for covering tiny areas of hair loss, like scars or natural gaps in the hairline. This is the typical amount required for revisions.

Eyebrow Transplant

Starting at


This relatively small procedure can be used to fill in overplucked and lacking eyebrows. Careful placement of each graft allows us to design whatever eyebrow shape you desire.

Beard Hair Transplant

Starting at


Filling in gaps around the beard and mustache are common uses for this procedure. Larger procedures can create form and create entirely new areas of facial hair.

The Average Hair Transplant Requires:


the cost of an average hair transplant:

$ 7000
Dollars CAD

How Much Will My Hair Transplant Cost?

The typical hair transplant is around the $12,000 mark, but it truly depends on how large of an area we are restoring. Smaller areas and scar concealment can be as low as $6,600, but larger areas – like the frontal hairline & midzone will often be more. If you are hoping to get an idea on cost, a good starting point is our before & after gallery. Find for a case that mirrors your own hair and see how many grafts were used in the restoration. You can also visit our Hair Transplant Financing page to compare which ‘graft amount’ bracket you may be in. The majority of the price for each hair transplant procedure is the number of grafts being relocated. Outside of that and a small fee for our post-care solution, there are no additional fees. 

Monthly Payments for Your Procedure


Being a Medical Clinic we do not have an in-house financing team or offer payment plans for our surgeries. For this reason, we have partnered with Beautifi, Canada’s specialized provider of plastic surgery, medical and cosmetic procedure financing. Their goal is to give Canadians access to surgeries and procedures they want or need, without having to worry about the large up front cost.

Payment plans for hair transplant surgery

Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery is here to help

We are here to help you look & feel your best which is why we provide special offers to our patients looking to begin their hair transplant journey

Travel To Edmonton For Your Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Travel Reimbursement Program

For our overseas or out of province patients, we have developed a travel reimbursement program. For more information regarding our travel reimbursement program please contact Dr. Sharma’s office today & we will get you started on your journey.

Hair Transplant Payment Plans Edmonton - Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery

Payment Plans Financing Hair Transplant Surgery

Many of our patients want to enjoy the confidence and improved self-image that comes with getting their hairline back, but prefer to pay monthly for the treatment so they can receive the treatment sooner. We have brought together financing options to accommodate the needs of these patients. For qualified individuals, you can have the benefits of a restored hairline immediately.

How Many Grafts Will I Need?

This is the question we hear time and time again and unfortunately it’s not an easy one to answer. Each person will require a different number of grafts depending on their hair type, amount of hair loss, donor density, and ultimately the desired result. For this reason, Dr. Sharma requires that every person considering the hair transplant procedure with us receive a one-on-one consultation with himself. This will allow him to determine if you are a candidate for surgery & give us enough information to supply you with a graft requirement for your procedure. Once complete we can also supply you with a quote for your procedure.

What is a Graft?

A graft is a collection of hair follicles. During a hair transplant procedure, Dr. Sharma redistributes the follicles which can contain single or multiple hairs. During your hair transplant, we use a motorized micro punch to loosen and relocate each graft the desired area.

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How Many Grafts Will I Need for my Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss journeys

No two people will have the same experience & treatment when dealing with hair loss

As mentioned, hair loss varies from patient to patient. Everybody has a different shape of head, different natural hairline, and varying hair thickness. Causes of hair loss are often different as well. These are all important considerations when determining the right treatment for each patient.

Treating all hair loss the same is going to leave many people with misshapen or awkward hairlines, inconsistent hair thickness between treated areas and existing hair, poor longevity of the treatment, and will often “look” as though surgery has taken place. The best hair transplant surgery is the one that nobody will notice. If your hairline is restored following its natural growth patterns, nobody will ever know you had surgery at all… this is the goal. The quality of this work demands individual patient consideration and a high level of surgical and artistic skill on behalf of the surgeon.

Dr. Sharma will consider the following when determining the cost of the surgery:

  • The areas affected by hair loss
  • The most likely cause of the hair loss
  • The number of grafts per follicular unit (between 1 & 4)
  • The techniques that are best suited for the patient (strip harvest, or F.U.E./F.U.G./F.I.T. harvest)
  • The Shape and contour of the natural hairline
  • The specific goals the patient wishes to achieve
  • How coarse or fine the hair is
  • How straight or curly the hair grows
  • The status of the donor area of hair

Eye Brows

Starting at

FROM $119/Month



Starting at

from $180/month


800-1,000 Grafts

Starting at

from $137/month


1,200 - 1,400 Grafts

Starting at

from $180/month


1,600 - 1,800 Grafts

Starting at

FROM $223/month


2,000 Grafts

Starting at

From $266/Month


2,500 Grafts

Starting at

From $315/Month

The Hair Transplant Pricing Model

The traditional method of hair transplant pricing is based on a “per-graft” basis. While this is not the only factor that determines cost, it has become the go-to metric in the hair restoration field. Many hair transplant clinics in India or Turkey, (well-known areas offering budget hair transplants) offer flat rates for hair transplant services. This is not a practical way to look at the procedure as each patients needs differ greatly. Overharvesting and improper handling of the grafts occur when clinics try to speed through the procedure – we choose to only perform one transplant per day and a maximum of three per week. This hair transplant procedure is a long and slow process that cannot be rushed. 

Many doctors providing these treatments in regions like Turkey or India offer low prices and use a standard protocol-based approach to hair transplantation surgeries in their clinics. This is great for reducing the overall cost of a hair transplant, but it doesn’t effectively address the patient as an individual. It often fails to deliver the highest quality results that are demanded of a procedure like hair transplantation.

One Price Doesn't Fit All

Based on these factors, creating a one-size-fits-all pricing model causes numerous problems and limits the surgeon to a specific set of parameters. Using more individually tailored pricing plans allows surgeons like Dr. Sharma to perform his art more fluidly, and delivers far better results. Getting the hairline right requires an artful eye and flexibility on the number of grafts given, and/or the technique used. He has been doing it this way for over 10 years and has found nothing but positive results.

Dr. Sharma prefers to price hair transplants based on the individual needs of the patient, taking all of these variables into consideration to develop a fair price for the patient’s goals.


Where Should I Start?

If you would like a quote for your hair transplant procedure book an in-person or virtual consultation with Dr. Sharma and allow him to asses your hair restoration needs.


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