Dr. Sharma and his staff offer a range of world-class, top quality services.

From consult to post procedure follow up- no detail is over looked at the Sharma Clinic. Dr Sharma and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable, warm, welcoming, and proffessional.

– Tyler Kueber

I went to Dr. Sharma for an F.U.E procedure back in March of this year!

Immediately I felt welcomed by his staff and knew I was going to receive the highest quality of service! The operation went very well, the staff and Dr. Sharma made sure I felt comfortable every step of the way. 8 months in and 4 follow up appointments later, the quality of service hasn’t changed! 10/10 would recommend the Sharma Clinic to anyone looking to feel more positive and confident.

— Julian V

Dr. Sharma is a professional in his field and is second to none,

Dr. Sharma is a professional in his field and is second to none, his passion for quality shows in his results and his caring personality show why he and his team are successful. The environment is warm and welcoming with staff being friendly, courteous, caring and very genuine. Follow up appointments with the Clinic was simple and easy which made the experience even better as I am not from Edmonton. 10/10 would recommend this Clinic for any treatment you are looking for as Dr. Sharma and his team will provide you with the best service and results in the industry.

— Timothy Coady

Dr Sharma is amazing!

I made an appointment with him as I felt like I needed something done with my face but I couldn’t quit identify what the problem was?! I asked him to use his judgment and do what he feels is best. After a few injections of filler I look 20 again at the age of 46. Thank you Dr Sharma, I love you.

— Aleksandra Andric

I was blessed to have Dr Sharma perform my FUE hair transplant over a year ago,

and never thought I’d see the results I have today. As others have already said here, the place is spotless, the staff are encouraging, and its evident that Dr Sharma is passionate about his craft, seeing his patients walk out the door with a smile on their face, pondering how they’ll style their new found confidence that will be growing in the near future. I’m excited at the likelihood of returning for another procedure building on the incredible results already obtained, from a person I know I can trust. We’re truly lucky to have a person with the artistic talent like Dr Sharma’s, working right here in the frigid north.

– Nick

Dr. Sharma and his staff are extremely professional, and take the time to answer any concerns you have.

I received a hair transplant from them last year, and Dr. Sharma and his team did an amazing job! The hair is growing so well, and it looks amazing. Anyone who has any concerns about their hair line or hair loss should come see Dr. Sharma and ask there questions. He is such a kind doctor and makes you feel comforted while telling you the reality of what he can do for you. My experience with the Sharma Clinic has been nothing but wonderful, and I would 100% recommend everyone coming to this clinic to see the doctor about any of their concerns!

— Taranjot Garcha

I must say the whole experience was an incredible one.

I wanted to wait until after my 3-month post-surgery check-up before posting my experience. I had my surgery done in July 2018. I must say the whole experience was an incredible one, taking into consideration the kind of procedure we are talking about. It is a very long procedure that takes the whole day, but to be honest, the pain and discomfort is minimal. Dr. Anil and his medical team are all very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He made me feel very comfortable the whole time I was in for my surgery and talks you through every step of the procedure so there aren’t any surprizes. It’s really a great team and they try to keep you comfortable and amused the entire time, which is really important when you undergo such a long procedure. Now let’s discuss pain… the only pain to ever be felt, are the first few numbing injections which lasts, maybe 20-30 seconds in total. There is no more pain to be felt, even after you have gone home, and the healing process begins. You just have to follow the instructions they give you. There are two parts to the surgery. In the morning, the hair folecules are extracted from the back of your head and kept preserved for the second part of the surgery, which is making the incisions and inserting the hair folecules into your sculp. I know there is a lot of information out there on the procedure, and I had done a lot of research before the surgery myself. I was a little worried and concerned about the surgery, but after doing the surgery at the Sharma Clinic, I feel I made the right choice and would do go back and do it all again without any second thoughts. I am very happy with the results thus far and can continue to see new hairs grow out. I still have to go for my 6-month post-surgery check-up and I have no doubt that the results will be even better as the full results do start to show after some time. My friends and colleagues have noticed a tremendous difference to my appearance and they all say I look a lot younger now. The surgery is well worth the investment and the results speak for themselves! Fantastic Medical Team and Amazing Results! Thank You Dr. Sharma, Kim, Cindy and the rest of your team! 

— Jonathan Collins

The staff and the Sharma Clinic is always very welcoming and professional.

Dr Sharma takes the time to listen to his patients and is very thorough with his procedures. The staff always does a follow up call to make sure things have gone smoothly. I would highly recommend Dr Sharma.

– Danusia Gale

I got my FUE hair transplant from Dr.Sharma last year.

The whole experience from initial assessment to surgery to after care was amazing. This was my second hair transplant.I got my first hair transplant in India but it didn’t yield good results. I did my research for my second hair transplant and decided to go with Dr. Sharma and I am glad I did. I am now 10 months post op and have a full head of hair with a natural looking hairline. I definitely recommend Dr. Sharma and his team.

– Anmol Singh

Easily one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Just had my 6 month anniversary in regards to a hair transplant. Everything from the initial consultation onwards was nothing but professional & courteous from all the staff. Follow along with the recommendations they provide through each phase (recovery etc) & you will be rewarded – my first 6 months produced a great result & I’m very excited to see what the next 6 bring.

– Chris Moore

My five star rating of the Sharma Clinic is completely earned and deserved.

Earlier this year I was dealing with substantial hair loss and decided to give the Sharma Clinic a visit. After one consultation with Dr. Sharma I felt very well informed about my options and was more than comfortable to chat with him about my insecurities involving my hair loss. He is truly a professional in his work and a great man. The staff at the Sharma Clinic are also amazing. Everyone is so friendly and kind, especially Dr. Sharma’s big lovable dog. On the day of my FUE hair transplant, Dr. Sharma and his staff went above and beyond there jobs to ensure my procedure was done very thoroughly. They all stayed well past the closing hours of the Clinic to work on my hair transplant, which I’m very grateful for. The results of my hair transplant can attest to the high quality of work they do. I am over the moon happy with all this new hair I have! It looks completely natural and I couldn’t be more pleased. The one thing that I appreciated most is that Dr. Sharma and his staff didn’t just treat me as another custumer or patient. They all truly wanted me to get the results I dreamed of and I did. When I came back to visit several months later I was welcomed with smiles and compliments about my new hair!It’s a great feeling to have a Dr. and his staff be that excited for you. They are an amazing team and I highly recommend the Sharma Clinic to anyone considering a hair transplant. Dr. Sharma thankyou so much for everything you’ve done, I love my new hair and I am exited to show it off for a long time! Go visit the Sharma Clinic, you won’t regret it!

— Cole Sheehan

Just went through FUE surgery yesterday, Dr. Sharma, Cindy, and Taran, were extremely friendly, supportive, and professional.

Just went through FUE surgery yesterday, Dr. Sharma, Cindy, and Taran, were extremely friendly, supportive, and professional. It was a long day at the clinic but, they made sure I was as comfortable as possible throughout the day. Dr. Sharma gave his phone number as well as an emergency number for the first night, and made available all possible post surgical cares that I need. Amazing care of details, and extremely helpful people. This place is highly recommended! Now I am waiting and hoping to see great result in upcoming days.

— Mohammad Ansari

I really can't say enough about my experience with this clinic.

The staff were all very friendly and extremely professional, the clinic is exceptionally clean and I was treated like a queen. I had no real experience with cosmetic procedures and was quite nervous, but Dr. Sharma put me at ease completely. I have recently lost weight and unfortunately it showed in my face with sagging cheeks and pronounced wrinkles, I didn’t want to look like I had work done, just wanted to look refreshed and healthy again and Dr. Sharma accomplished that. I am very happy with the result. He is a definite artist with a real eye for symmetry and I am completely happy with his work. I will have no hesitation in returning to him and his clinic in the future when nature and gravity once again wreak havoc!!! Excellent job Dr. Sharma!!! Thanks to all the staff.

— Andrea Watkins

Fantastic work and expertise in helping me restore my hair loss.

I had a very good experience with Dr. Sharma and his staff for my hair transplant. The results to my front hairline is amazing and I am very happy with the results. The clinic has nice music and all of the staff are so helpful and friendly. Cost of my transplant was reasonable. I recommend everyone to see Dr. Sharma.

— Swindertar Sidhu

The first thing you will notice if you make an appointment at Sharma Skin and Hair Surgery is the cleanliness and extremely welcoming staff.

All the staff are dressed professionally. I have not had to wait in the waiting area for more than 5 minutes. When you are taken to your room you are offered beverages and cookies. The service is above and beyond. Dr Sharma takes his time listening to your concerns and does not rush you in any way. Dr Sharma is very knowledgeable, and I can honestly say I have never met a Dr. so kind and compassionate. I live one hour away from the clinic, but I would not dream of going elsewhere. If you want to get results that you will be happy with, I suggest making an appointment, you will not regret it!

– Mandy

I have been to Dr. Sharma's Clinic three times now for lip filler and would fully recommend it to anyone.

I always feel a bit nervous prior to the procedure but Dr. Sharma and his team are super friendly and knowledgeable which helps calm down my nerves a lot. The results are exactly what I wanted, a bit more volume but at the same time very natural.

— Nikki Adamson

Dr.Sharma and his team were recommended to me from a family friend.

I’m very thankful I chose to go with them for my hair transplant! They went above and beyond my expectations and really cared about my results! Im pleased with the results myself. They were very imformative about all the details to maxmize results. Thank you to you and your team Doc!

— Spencer C

Kaleb Dahlgren's Hair Restoration

After the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash in 2018 that degloved a portion of his scalp causing permanent hair loss, the only solution to restore his hairline was hair transplant surgery. Using the FUE hair transplant technique we relocated 2,000 grafts to the frontal-temporal areas to completely transform his hairline.

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