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We pride ourselves on being one of Canada’s best hair transplant clinics. Located in Edmonton, AB we have quickly become Canadians’ first choice for hair restoration.

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Our hair transplant clinic is led by Dr. Anil Sharma who has performed countless hair transplant procedures of all different kinds. Under his trained eye he can identify and follow the natural curvature of the hair. The result is a hairline that looks as if no procedure was needed in the first place. We love to share the results of these transformative stories.

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Before an FUE hair transplant in Edmonton, Alberta
After an FUE hair transplant in Edmonton, Alberta
FUE hair transplant in Edmonton
FUE hair transplant in Edmonton
Before an FUE hair transplant in Edmonton, Alberta
After an FUE hair transplant in Edmonton, Alberta

How does it work?

No two hair transplants are the same​, but our process is always tailored to your individual needs.

At our hair transplant clinic, we first schedule a comprehensive consultation, examination, and history. If you are a suitable candidate, Dr. Sharma will identify the techniques that will suit your needs individually including crown hair transplants. During the consultation, Dr. Sharma will go over all the details of the hair transplant surgery including healing times, additional treatments, and medication options.

It starts with a consultation

The first step is a comprehensive consultation, examination, and history. If you are a suitable candidate, Dr. Sharma will identify the techniques that will suit your needs individually. During the consultation, we will go over all the details of the hair transplant surgery including healing times, additional treatments, and medication options.

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What does it cost?

When determining the cost of a hair transplant in Edmonton, there are a few key variables that need to be taken into account. The truth is that not all hair loss is the same, which means treatment needs to be determined individually for each patient, making static hair transplant pricing protocols both difficult and ineffective.

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Dr. Sharma answers your questions

We thought we would take the time to answer a few questions that have come in through our Emails and Direct Messages about the Hair Transplant procedure. There is no such thing as a bad question so Dr. Sharma wanted to publicly answer just a few of them over coffee to help you understand more about what we do best.

What to expect

We want to make sure we find a solution that fits your specific needs and that you are as informed as possible about the procedures and what is available to you. We have compiled detailed content on what you can expect. Everything you need to know about hair transplants, surgery, scarring and recovery.

F.U.E. vs F.U.T. hair transplants

At Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery, we offer both F.U.E. and F.U.T. hair transplant services. Dr. Sharma is not only skilled in these surgical procedures, but he has a creative perspective in designing the perfect hairline to match facial contours and the shape of the head.

What is the difference?

Surgery day

We cover the details of your surgery process in your initial consultation but we feel it is a great idea to have this information available to all. We offer a few different modalities to assist patients who are anxious about their procedure or surgery in general.

Learn about your day in the clinic

Post-surgery recovery

One of the most common questions we hear about the hair transplant procedure is, “How long is the recovery? We have created an overview of what you can expect for hair transplant recovery along with tips on how to disguise your hair transplant.

Learn about recovery

Redness after hair transplant

Your scalp is expected to be quite red or pink following your hair transplant procedure. The healing process requires inflammation and swelling at both the recipient site and donor area. Here we answer all your questions regarding scalp redness after a hair transplant.

Learn about scalp redness

Hair transplant scars

The techniques used today are effective in minimizing hair transplant scars. With any surgery scarring is unavoidable, however the techniques used today are effective in limiting the depth and visibility of these areas. Here we answer all of your questions regarding scarring and how to minimize or conceal scars.

Learn about hair transplant scarring

Hair follicles & grafts

A graft is a collection of hair follicles. During a hair transplant procedure, Dr. Sharma redistributes the follicles which can contain single or multiple hairs. When harvesting hair for your procedure we transfer hair from the donor area. This section is located at the back of the head, above the neck.

Learn more about grafts and follicles

Follicle storage

Protecting your hair follicles for the time between extraction and implantation is a crucial part of the hair transplant procedure. The individual hair is living tissue that must survive while being transferred from the donor site to the desired area of the scalp.

Learn how we store your grafts


Incisions determine where how the hair will grow. One of the most important factors for a successful and natural hair transplant result are the incisions. This portion of the surgery requires a great deal of control and precision. The depth and angle of each incision will determine how the hair will grow.

Learn about incisions

Case studies

Here are some in-depth stories about some of our successful transplants. Hear from the individuals who are now enjoying new, thick, and dense hair.

Aly Front Hair Transplant Before Photo
Aly Front Hair Transplant After Photo

2 Full Hair Transplants Life-Changing Hair Restoration

Like most men, Aly’s hair has always been a part of his identity and personality. He decided to address it and correct it early to enjoy his hair for many years to come.

Hear Aly’s story

Kaleb 6Month 1350 CoverPhoto

Kaleb Dahlgren’s Hair Transplant

After the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash in 2018 that degloved a portion of his scalp causing permanent hair loss, the only solution to restore his hairline was hair transplant surgery.

Hear Kaleb’s story

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Knowledge Centre

8 Common Hair Transplant Myths

Dr. Sharma, offers hair transplants in Edmonton, Alberta

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Hair Transplant FAQ

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions asked during our initial consultation

What makes the process permanent is the fact that the newly transplanted hair follicle will retain its “safe” donor characteristics. This hair is resistant to DHT. This is hormone that causes male pattern hair loss to miniturize and ultimately stop hair from growing for most men.

This primarily depends on the quality of hair on your donor site. You are required to have a certain amount of hair density at the back of your head so we can transfer it to the desired area. If you have a large demand for density or coverage at the front of your head, then you need a large amount of eligible donor grafts in the back.

The cost of a hair transplant depends on the procedure type and the number of grafts transplanted. Dr. Sharma performs the procedures manually in order to ensure the most natural look possible. Hair transplant procedures generally start at $6,000.

View our transplant pricing guide

Even though hair loss is an unavoidable experience for many people, it is possible to turn back the clock so you can regain a youthful appearance. Dr. Sharma has a keen artistic eye and years of experience creating natural hairlines. Dr Sharma’s methods are designed to create results that look like you never had a procedure in the first place.

If you are ready to feel confident with a full head of hair, we are here to assist. Contact us at Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery to schedule a consultation and learn more about the results you can expect from this modern treatment. View some of our results for crown hair transplants and hairline transplants.

A local anesthetic block is used which is very comfortable (the patient can even watch a movie if they so wish during the procedure).

Post-procedure, patients seldom require anything stronger than a simple analgesic such as Advil.

Patients are then followed up personally by Dr. Sharma. He will always consult with the patient the day following the surgery and ensure they are sent home with full after-care instructions and contact telephone numbers for the clinic (24 hours per day for the first three days post-surgery).

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