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Non-Surgical Chin & Jaw Enhancement

We design beautiful jawlines to help you frame and balance your facial features. For men, it creates more masculine facial features. For women, it slims the facial proportions to help with a more defined and elegant appearance.

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What is Jawline Augmentation?

Our jawline serves as the frame for our face and neck. It offers a substantial contribution to our overall aesthetic — even minor changes to the jaw can make a big difference in our overall facial appearance.

A lot of people seeking jaw augmentation aim to correct jowls, damage caused by injuries or congenital issues, or to simply optimize the balance between the jawline and other facial structures like the nose, eyebrows, and ears.

Dr sharma perfoming a jawline augmentation on Man

Benefits of Jawline Augmentation

The Art Of Jawline Augmentation

Everyone’s facial features are unique. A jawline that might look great on one person may not be the best fit for someone else. Factors like your nose, ears, eyes, forehead, and neck can all change the overall balance and aesthetics of your face.

Discover the jawline that matches your face

Discovering the jawline that matches the rest of the face is the key to successful jawline augmentation.
This is why the first, and arguably the most important, part of the process is done during the planning stage. Our injection staff meet with every new patient personally to discuss their aesthetic goals and create a plan of action for their jawline augmentation.

During the planning stage, we’ll assess key treatment areas in the mandibles, chin, and jowl regions. Depending on the patient and their aesthetic goals, the treatment may require a focus on one area over another — but all are assessed during the planning stage.

Using Hyaluronic Acid as a Filler

Our team prefers to use hyaluronic acid as our dermal filler of choice because hyaluronic acid is long-lasting, safe, and allows the treatment to be reversed or altered at a later date if desired. Using an enzyme known as hyaluronidase, the hyaluronic acid can be broken down and replaced later on with a new filler. This is rarely necessary, but over many years, as the face continues to change with age, the jawline augmentation may need to be touched up in the future.

Male Jawline Augmentation

Corey is an RMT in Edmonton who works long hours and spends lots of time at the gym. He wanted us to help strengthen his face to match his athletic body. He also asked us to reduce some of the lines on his face and now he is looking stronger than ever!

The jawline is so very important in framing a face it provides structure and depth which helps balance all of one’s other facial features.

With this man, we restructured the lateral aspect of his jawline and then brought his chin forward giving him the appearance of a more masculine jawline.

Enhancing the Female Face

You may recognize Cindy as our head nurse at Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery. Her main concern was too much of a round profile. We simply augmented her jawline and rebalanced her chin. As you will note in the after photo, Cindy’s face looks longer and slimmer.

Angles, angles, angles! It’s all about these.

Jawline Augmentation Process

Mandible Angle Alteration

The mandible is the largest, and strongest bone on the human face. It’s what forms the bulk of the lower jaw.

Measurements are taken of the angle of the mandibular line with other bone structures in the face. Radiological studies have shown that females tend to have mandibular angles of 125 degrees on average, while men average at around 130 degrees. However, the specific angle that will work for each patient can vary.

Using hyaluronic acid (H.A.) injections, volume is added to the jaw to change the relative angle of the mandible. Injections are repeated until the desired angle is achieved.

Mandibular Angle Alteration Technique

  • The first step is to take measurements of the mandibles to identify the best angle for your face
  • Measurements of the face and neck are taken into consideration to identify areas where aesthetic enhancements can be made using dermal fillers
  • A small needle is used to make an entry point into the area of the jaw that intersects with the ear
  • Dermal filler is slowly injected into each side until the ideal volume is achieved
  • Once the injection is complete, the dermal filler is shaped by hand to form the ideal structure
  • Over the next two weeks, the dermal filler will settle and solidify — allowing the alterations to remain permanent

Chin Contouring

Using images of the face and neck, we will divide the face vertically into fifths, and horizontally in thirds. Doing this allows us to measure ideal proportions between the chin and other structures on the face.

We measure both vertically to measure facial symmetry, and horizontally to compare top and bottom balance of the facial features.

With a combination of experience and an artistic eye, we can highlight key areas in and around the chin where he can add volume with dermal fillers to elongate a shortened chin or widen a face with a lower facial third.

Chin Contour Technique

  • Using a photo of the face, we will divide the head into equal sections
  • Measurements of the face and neck are made to identify areas to apply the aesthetic enhancement
  • Focusing on concepts like chin length and outward projection are considered to find the areas of the chin where injections will make the largest impact
  • First, chin length enhancement is done using dermal filler injections
  • Once the desired chin length is achieved, we will move on to the outer projection of the chin with the help of a surgical cannula to get to the hard to reach areas of the chin to make injections
  • Once all injections are complete, the dermal filler is shaped by hand to form the ideal shape
  • Over the next two weeks, the dermal filler will settle and solidify — allowing the alterations to remain permanent

Peri-Jowel Region Enhancement

Once the mandible and chin contouring are complete, we turn our focus towards the peri-jowl region. This part of the face has a lot of soft-tissues including muscles, fat deposits, and connective tissue. This means that less dermal filler is needed to achieve the desired results compared to other areas of the jawline.

We will usually use just three small threads of filler to shape the edge of the peri-jowl region to the ideal proportions.

Peri-Jowel Region Enhancement Technique

  • Using measurements of the newly altered mandible and chin contour, we will highlight the borders of the jowls
  • By palpating the area with his hands, we’ll then identify key structures lying underneath the peri-jowl regions and make marks for the ideal injections sites
  • We will then slowly add small threads of dermal filler to the area to give it the ideal volume as per his measurements from before
  • Once the injections are complete, the injections are shaped and contoured by hand until they’re perfect
  • Over the next two weeks, the dermal fillers will settle

Safety of Jawline Augmentation

There are inherent risks to any surgical treatment, including jawline augmentation. With critically important nerves traveling throughout the face, it’s important that the attending surgeon is skilled and precise. The Sharma Clinic team have been performing jawline augmentation for over a decade and has performed hundreds of jawline augmentation surgeries during this time.

Most of the injections made by our staff are done superficially (not below the bottom layer of skin). Keeping the treatment area within the layers of skin, the chances of hitting nerves or muscle fibers in the face are significantly reduced.

Case Studies

The Male Facial Rebalancing Program

The jawline is so very important in framing a face it provides structure and depth which helps balance all of one’s other facial features.

With this man we restructured the lateral aspect of his jawline and then brought his chin forward, the before and after will do all the talking.

Julie’s Jawline Enhancement

We sharpened the angle of the mandible and also lengthened the appearance of the ramus to show off those angles when you look off to the side. The infra-orbital rim was smoothed out to provide a ‘selfie-filter’ look.

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Jawline Augmentation FAQ

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions asked during our initial consultation

Dr. Sharma begins his process in the consultation room. He discusses his patient’s aesthetic goals and takes images of the face to make measurements and identify the areas of the mandible, chin, and jowls where added volume can be used to give the jaw the ideal shape.

Each step is performed individually, with new measurements taken at each step to allow for the changes produced from earlier stages. Dr. Sharma’s experience and artistic eye allow him to gradually shape the jawline into your ideal form.

The jawline is one of the most prominent facial features for both men and women. The jaw frames the face and provides most of the volume for the lower half of the face.

A straight, youthful jawline is a popular request from many of Dr. Sharma’s patients. The process is complex and requires a careful blend of skill and surgical precision with an artistic eye.

Everyone’s face is unique, and as such, every jawline augmentation Dr. Sharma performs is unique as well. There is no standard for what defines a perfect jawline — rather this depends on the careful consideration of other prominent facial features like the eyes, nose, and ears.

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