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Facial hair can be a defining feature, which is why it can be frustrating for some men who are unable to grow a full beard.

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What is a Beard Transplant?

A beard transplant is a surgery that can help you overcome genetics to enjoy facial hair that looks full and natural. Hair follicles are sourced from another part of your body, usually the back of the scalp. These follicles are transplanted onto your face, giving you facial hair that looks normal and natural.
If you don’t have the natural genetics that allow you to enjoy certain facial hair styles, a beard transplant might be a good option to consider.

When hair loss affects the scalp, topical medications can be used to support hair growth. The beard area, however, can’t be treated with these topical applications. The most effective way to increase facial hair is through a beard transplant.

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Reasons for uneven facial hair

Why do I have a patchy beard

Some men have patchy facial hair growth, while others find it difficult to grow any facial hair at all. What are the reasons why your beard isn’t as thick as other men? The cause of thin, patchy facial hair is usually outside of your control.


Not only do genetics affect the amount of hair that grows, but your genes also affect the hair color and overall appearance. If your father could grow a thick beard, it is likely that you will possess the same beard-growing genes.

Blood Flow

Researchers suspect that blood flow can play a role in the delivery of nutrients and hormones to hair follicles. Some men have weaker blood flow in the facial area, which may be a contributing factor to a patchy beard.


Hormones play a significant role in beard quality. Both DHT and testosterone levels may play a role in your bodies’ ability to grow hair on your face.

Beard Transplant in Edmonton

Benefits of a facial hair transplant

Choose your beard style in the same way you choose your hairstyle

You can select the beard style you desire, and then the transplanted hair follicles are placed in the locations where you want more hair. When these donor hair follicles are placed, the grafts look and function like natural facial hair.

Get the look you want

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle, you have many options available. In the same way, you can change your image by choosing a facial hair style to enhance your aesthetics. Some men want to have a full beard, while others prefer a 5 o’clock shadow.

  • Design a full mustache
  • Extend the beard to the cheek
  • Connect the goatee
  • Fill in a Patchy Beard
  • Create Defined Sideburns

Gain confidence

There’s no doubt that confidence in your appearance has an effect on your personality, attitude, and the way you interact with other people. Facial hair transplants can be used to boost your self-esteem, which can have a positive impact in all areas of your life: relationships, career, social, and more.

Facial Hair Transplant Process

We have a customized treatment plan

We create a personalized treatment plan for every patient. We start by offering recommendations about the natural lines and layout of the hair placement. During your consultation, we will discuss various facial hair styles and select one that matches your goals.

The goal is to complete the transplant in one surgery, but every person is unique. Together, we will determine the ideal process based on your hair and skin characteristics to optimize the possible results.

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We choose the best donor hair follicles

Donor hair can be sourced from numerous parts of the body, but the best quality hair comes from the scalp. Dr. Sharma will source hair follicles from the back of the scalp (if deemed to be the optimal donor location), using either the F.U.T. or F.U.E. transplant method.

Learn about the difference between these two procedures here.

We customize each graft

The grafts required for beard transplant are more specific and tailored before being implanted into the face. Using micro-surgery, we place the multi-follicular grafts under a microscope to accurately slice them into “singles” before they are relocated. Beard hair also requires a particularly flat incision angle. Matching the angle is imperative to achieving a natural result.

Determine incisions and incision angles

Dr. Sharma uses multiple different tools to make the incisions which will then be the placement site for each individual graft. This is an integral part of the procedure and the placement location and angle will determine how and where the hair will grow. The procedure is performed with a mixture of a regional anesthetic block and tumescent anesthesia.


Graft placement is a painless but laborious part of the day at our clinic. Our nurses will be placing the grafts one-by-one into the incisions made by Dr. Sharma. Before this happens, we carefully select and clean the excised grafts to ensure we are only placing healthy and intact follicles. During this part of the procedure you are able to watch television or listen to music to help pass the time.

How many grafts will I need?

Each case requires a custom number of transplanted grafts depending on the patient’s desired outcome. To give you an idea we have put together this estimation of required grafts per area:

Information on graft pricing
  • Goatee connection: 200 – 600

  • Fill in patches: 600 – 1000

  • Sideburns: 500 – 1000

  • *Full Beard: 2,000+

*Full Beard – this situation occasionally requires two separate procedures.

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Beard Transplant FAQ

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions asked during our initial consultation

What makes the process permanent is the fact that the newly transplanted hair follicle will retain its “safe” donor characteristics. This hair is resistant to DHT. This is hormone that causes male pattern hair loss to miniturize and ultimately stop hair from growing for most men.

This primarily depends on the quality of hair on your donor site. You are required to have a certain amount of hair density at the back of your head so we can transfer it to the desired area. If you have a large demand for density or coverage at the front of your head, then you need a large amount of eligible donor grafts in the back.

The cost of a hair transplant depends on the procedure type and the number of grafts transplanted. Dr. Sharma performs the procedures manually in order to ensure the most natural look possible. Hair transplant procedures generally start at $6,000.

View our transplant pricing guide

Even though hair loss is an unavoidable experience for many people, it is possible to turn back the clock so you can regain a youthful appearance. Dr. Sharma has a keen artistic eye and years of experience creating natural hairlines. Dr Sharma’s methods are designed to create results that look like you never had a procedure in the first place.

If you are ready to feel confident with a full head of hair, we are here to assist. Contact us at Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery to schedule a consultation and learn more about the results you can expect from this modern treatment. View some of our results for crown hair transplants and hairline transplants.

A local anesthetic block is used which is very comfortable (the patient can even watch a movie if they so wish during the procedure).

Post-procedure, patients seldom require anything stronger than a simple analgesic such as Advil.

Patients are then followed up personally by Dr. Sharma. He will always consult with the patient the day following the surgery and ensure they are sent home with full after-care instructions and contact telephone numbers for the clinic (24 hours per day for the first three days post-surgery).

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