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It is common for patients to have questions about the treatment process and anticipated recovery time after the surgery. It is our goal to ensure that every patient is as informed as possible about the procedure.


Each hair loss case is unique. Understanding the expectations and goals of our patients allows us to give a realistic idea of your hair restoration possibilities. Using either the F.U.E. or F.U.T. technique gives us the flexibility to give you the best treatment possible for your Edmonton hair transplant.

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At Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery, we offer both F.U.E. and F.U.T. hair transplant services. Dr. Sharma is not only skilled in these surgical procedures, but he has a creative perspective in designing the perfect hairline to match facial contours and the shape of the head.

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Surgery day

We want to give you an idea of what your day at our clinic will look like. It’s very natural to feel nervous about your upcoming surgery and we hope that this page will help to put your mind at ease. At Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery we perform roughly 2-3 hair transplants a week this ensures our staff are well-rested and can delivery quality work.

What does surgery day look like

The week after

Here is what you can expect in the period shortly after your transplant. Inquiries like, “Can I wear a hat after my hair transplant” & “What will I look like after my hair transplant?” are great questions and we enjoy being able to share our experiences, photos and videos with you to give our patients the answers they seek.

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Post-surgery recovery

We are here to help you see just how easy it can be to overcome issues with thinning or balding hair. It is common for patients to have questions about the treatment process and anticipated recovery time after the surgery. Here is an Overview of What You Can Expect for Hair Transplant Recovery.

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Redness after hair transplant

Your scalp is expected to be quite red or pink following your hair transplant procedure. The healing process requires inflammation and swelling at both the recipient site and donor area. Due to small amounts of bleeding around each individual incision it is also expected to scab up around the newly relocated follicles. This is all normal and part of recovery.

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Hair transplant scars

The techniques used today are effective in minimizing hair transplant scars. With any surgery scarring is unavoidable, however the techniques used today are effective in limiting the depth and visibility of these areas. Choosing a skilled surgeon is essential if you want to minimize scarring.

How we minimize scarring

What is a graft?

A graft is a collection of hair follicles. During a hair transplant procedure, Dr. Sharma redistributes the follicles which can contain single or multiple hairs. During your hair transplant, we use a motorized micro punch to loosen and relocate each graft the desired area.

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Graft storage

Protecting your hair follicles for the time between extraction and implantation is a crucial part of the hair transplant procedure. The individual hair is living tissue that must survive while being transferred from the donor site to the desired area of the scalp.

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One of the most important factors for a successful and natural hair transplant result are the incisions. This portion of the surgery requires a great deal of control and precision. Using a very fine blade, Dr. Sharma creates thousands of incisions into the scalp from which each individual graft will be placed.

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Have we not covered the subject you are interested in learning more about? Our FAQ section may have more information for you. Comb through some of our Frequently Asked Questions Related to our Clinic, Hair Loss, & Treatments:

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