Number of Grafts: 1,722
Time Between Photos: 11 Months
Type of Surgery: Follicular Unit Excision (F.U.E.)

Hair loss tells us a story. For this young man, the foreshadowing began at the frontotemporal angle as well as the crown. The loss of hair density due to miniaturization had affected his entire appearance. Using a combination approach of medication and Dr. Sharma’s hair transplant surgery we were able to take a relatively low amount of grafts (1,722) and strategically place them to restore his youthful appearance. The after photo was taken 11 months post-transplant which means he has an additional 7 months of growth to look forward to. Cases like this really show why it is important to tackle hair loss early. Hair transplant pricing is based on the number of grafts relocated during the procedure. This young man was able to have an effective, aggressive, and affordable procedure which has completed changed his entire look.

Tristan top Before
Tristan top After
Tristan Front Before
Tristan Front After
Dr Anil Sharma

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