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8 Common Hair Transplant Myths



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Dr. Sharma, offers hair transplants in Edmonton, Alberta

Are you thinking about getting a hair transplant in Edmonton? Informed and knowledgeable patients tend to be happier with their final results. Dr. Sharma addresses a few of some common hair transplant myths on this page. We’ve also compiled answers to frequently asked questions in our Knowledge Centre and Hair Transplant Before & Afters gallery. For personalized advice about your hair loss, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sharma Here.

Myth 1: The Results Of Hair Transplant Are Not Permanent.

Hair transplants are permanent if the hair follicles are coming from a donor region that is insensitive to the underlying condition.

Myth 2: The Results Of A Hair Transplant Are Instant.

Hair transplant surgery is a gradual process and it takes 6 months to two years to see the full results, depending on the type of hair transplant you require. A lot of preparation, pre-operation and post-operation, goes into each and every hair transplant.

Myth 3: Anyone Can Get A Hair Transplant.

No, not everyone is eligible for a hair transplant. Factors like density in the donor area, age, lifestyle factors, and graft coverage all factor into who is able to have a hair transplant. We advises patients to book a consultation with Dr. Sharma to see if they are eligible for a hair transplant. Book your consultation Here.

Myth 4: Hair Transplants Are Painful.

At The Sharma Clinic, hair transplants are done under local anesthesia. The anesthesia is long lasting, keeping your scalp numb for approximately 8-12 hours. Pain medication is also given to our patients to manage any discomfort after. The vast majority of our patients say the surgery is painless.

Myth 5: It’s Better To Transplant Thousands Of Grafts In One Surgery, Rather Than Two Surgeries.

Transplanting a moderate amount of grafts in one surgery, and doing multiple surgeries if needed is the better route to take. This ensures a higher survival rate of your harvested hair grafts, is less taxing on your body, and lets Dr. Sharma plan out your course of action more carefully.

Myth 6: Hair Transplant Results Are Temporary.

Hair transplant results are permanent if done using a properly planned procedure. Your hair roots and follicles are permanently implanted into your recipient area. The only way they can be removed is by plucking them out or physically removing them. Taking hair loss medication along with your hair transplant is an excellent extra step you can take to make your new hair lasts even longer.

Myth 7: Hair Transplant Surgery Is Only For Men.

Hair transplants are for both men and women. Women typically opt for the FUT method, as the scar is very well hidden under the hair draped over in the back.

Myth 8: FUE Hair Transplants Are Better Than FUT Hair Transplants.

Both FUT and FUE surgeries can achieve the same results when done by a skilled and certified surgeon like Dr. Sharma. Most of our patients opt for the FUE method, however some patients require the FUT method due to skin elasticity, the hair style they want after surgery, or other unique factors.

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