What is the Advantage Over Taking Finasteride Orally?

Often times patients do not wish to take finasteride orally because of the potential side effects. Taking finasteride comes with a very small chance of sexual side effects which are usually reversible. When micro needled, the solution is delivered in a stable lipid base which will stay in your scalp and deliver far lower concentrations into your blood. This is delivered into the scalp alongside P.R.P. to aggressively combat hair loss.

How Does Finasteride Microneedling Work?

The primary mechanism by which microneedling works to induce hair regrowth is by creating microscopic wounds with a dermaroller which stimulates the stem cells in the skin. This stimulation and the subsequent healing process causes platelet activation, which releases epidermal growth factors1, resulting in accelerated hair regrowth. When combined with a topical Finasteride solution, the impact is compounded further, leading to incredible results!

Take Control of your Hair Restoration Journey with Advanced Finasteride Microneedling

It is no secret that hair loss in both men and women has long been an antagonist in the pursuit of self confidence. Receding hairlines, thin patches in parts of the scalp, or other irregularities are among the most unwelcomed changes our bodies go through. Yet, despite the fact that millions of people around the world experience emotional and mental discomfort caused by these conditions, only a small percentage of people do anything about it. Why is that?

A large part of it has to do with a lack of education about the various hair loss treatments, procedures, and medications available. At Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery, patient education is one of our top priorities. Dr. Sharma and his elite team ensure that every patient not only leaves with the desired medical outcome, but a wealth of knowledge, too. An important part of your experience as a patient is the education you will receive as Dr. Sharma guides you through the alternatives that will suit your individual hair loss needs. With over a decade of experience as a top cosmetic doctor, Dr. Sharma is able to ensure the optimal result for each patient.

Dr. Sharma is committed to staying up to date with the latest advanced hair loss remedies and technologies, and our Finasteride Microneedling treatment is an incredibly effective way to combat hair loss in an economical fashion. With clinical studies reporting 4-5X more effective re-growth than a control group treated with topical minoxidil lotion, Finasteride Microneedling is one of the best and cost-effective treatments currently available.

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What is Finasteride Microneedling?

Finasteride Microneedling is comprised of two components. The first is Finasteride: an orally-administered prescription medication that was approved by the FDA in 1992 and is used to treat hair loss and the symptoms of enlarged prostates. In recent years, topical Finasteride solutions have been emerging as a new and effective way to combat hair loss. The second component is microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (“CIT”), which is a cosmetic procedure that is performed using a dermaroller that has small needles used to prick the surface of the skin.

In most cosmetic procedures, the purpose of microneedling is to create new collagen and skin tissue, but by combining the latest microneedling technology with a topical Finasteride solution, Dr. Sharma is able to help his patients achieve their hair loss reduction and regrowth goals.


Does Microneedling For Hair Loss Work?

Yes, clinical studies have reported that microneedling on it’s own is relatively effective at promoting hair regrowth. When topical finasteride is combined with microneedling, clinical studies have reported an impressive 4-5x more effective regrowth than ‘over-the-counter’ topical medications (e.g., Rogaine®).


Does Finasteride Microneedling Cause Scarring?

Our patients should not expect any scarring associated with our Finasteride Microneedling procedure as the microneedles are not inserted very deep into the skin. However, as with all medical procedures, complications can occur, although rare. At Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery, you can be confident that Dr. Sharma and his elite team will provide you with safe, effective service. Dr. Sharma has the expertise and attention to detail that allows him to perform the Finasteride Microneedling procedure in such a way that you can expect no scarring or other complications.


Can I Microneedle My Own Scalp?

At Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery, we microneedle our patient’s scalps with a special solution containing Finasteride, which leads to superior results over microneedling with minoxidil and other hair growth agents.

Additionally, while it is possible to use a Dermaroller to microneedle one’s own scalp, it is not recommended. Proper sterilization of medical equipment is critically important since hundreds of small wounds are being created. If any piece of equipment or your hands have any bacteria on them, the risk of infection increases dramatically. 


How Much Does Finasteride Microneedling Cost?

Finasteride Microneedling at Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery is one of our most cost-effective procedures. Combining the positive effects of P.R.P. and Finasteride into a single treatment. We offer pricing for single treatments or packages of 3.

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Hair Loss Evaluation

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Treatment is a great option for most people, though, certain factors will need to be discussed with Dr. Sharma to determine if the treatment is right for you.

A consultation with Dr. Sharma will allow him to assess your hair loss in depth. He will be able to determine which hair loss solution is right for you and will create a custom plan to meet your goals.

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How Does Dr. Sharma Diagnose Your Hair Loss?


Microscopic Examination of Hair Shafts and Bulbs

Density Count

Trichometry to Determine Hair Mass

Norwood Classification

Ludwig Classification

Video Microscopy

Hair Cycle Synchronization

Genetic Testing

The Hair Pull Test

Daily Hair Loss Assessment

Scalp Biopsy

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(1): Dhurat R, Sukesh M, Avhad G, Dandale A, Pal A, Pund P. A randomized evaluator blinded study of effect of microneedling in androgenetic alopecia: a pilot study. Int J Trichology. 2013;5(1):6-11. doi:10.4103/0974-7753.114700