Financing for Hair Transplant Surgery in Edmonton

The hair transplant procedure is an investment in yourself. While it is not a cheap procedure, as with most things in life – you get what you pay for. Being an invasive surgery it is important to select a clinic and surgeon with proper experience and a dedicated team to perform your procedure. At Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery in Edmonton, AB we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality service for patients who are ready to select the an effective & aggressive solution to their hair loss.

We understand that some patients don’t wish to pay for the entire procedure all at once, for this reason we offer custom payment plans to help break up the cost of the surgery over time. 

How Does It Work?

Being a Medical Clinic we do not have an in-house financing team or offer payment plans for our surgeries. For this reason, we have partnered with Beautifi, Canada’s specialized provider of plastic surgery, medical and cosmetic procedure financing. Their goal is to give Canadians access to surgeries and procedures they want or need, without having to worry about the large up front cost. 


3 Simple Steps to get Approved

Submit an application online with Beautifi
Receive a call to confirm your loan details
Select an Available Surgery Date with The Sharma Clinic

How Much Will My Surgery Cost?

The typical hair transplant is around the $10,000 mark, but it truly depends on how large of an area they are restoring. Smaller areas can be as low as $6,000, but larger areas – like the frontal hairline & midzone will be more. If you are hoping to get an idea on cost, a good starting point is looking through our before & after gallery for a similar case to your own. From there, you can visit our hair transplant costs page to compare which ‘graft amount’ bracket you may be in. The majority of the price for each hair transplant procedure is the number of grafts being relocated. Outside of that and a small fee for our post-care solution, there are no additional fees. 

Beautifi is the exclusive finance partner for hair transplant & all surgical procedures at The Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery

Monthly Payments for Your Procedure

$5,000 from $114 per month

$6,400 from $146per month

$8,700 from $198 per month

$10,800 from $246 per month

$13,000 from $296 per month

$15,000 from $338 per month

$17,250 from $393 per month

*Amounts are based on average client approval (good category).Does not include an amortized fee


Payment Calculator

Type in the loan amount, choose your credit rating, and toggle the duration to help you determine a financing solution that works for your budget. 

Calculate your monthly payment for the hair transplant procedure

Insurance Coverage

Is the hair transplant covered by health Insurance?

The vast majority of patients we see for hair transplant surgery are seeking the procedure for cosmetic reasons. This means that most hair transplants are elective surgeries and therefore not covered by medical insurance. While the surgery may not be covered this does not neccesarily apply towards hair loss medications that may be also be required. These may be covered depending on your plans policy.

How Can I Get a Quote?

Beautifi is Canada’s specialized provider of hair restoration financing solutions. They offer affordable and flexible loans up to $25,000, with low monthly payments that work with your budget. They put the patient first and require no money down, with no prepayment penalties and an easy approval process. Our 100% online application is fast, simple, and secure. Get approved in minutes at or give them a call at 1-800-969-7034. *Applying will not impact your credit score.

  • Quick Approval
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • No Money Down Required
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties
  • No impact to your credit score
  • Rates starting at 8.95%
  • Terms from 6 months to 6 years
How Many Grafts Will I Need for my Hair Transplant Surgery

How Many Grafts Will I Need?

This is the question we hear time and time again and unfortunately it’s not an easy one to answer. Each person will require a different number of grafts depending on their hair type, amount of hair loss, donor density, and ultimately the desired result. For this reason, Dr. Sharma requires that every person considering the hair transplant procedure with us receive a one-on-one consultation with himself. This will allow him to determine if you are a candidate for surgery & give us enough information to supply you with a graft requirement for your procedure. Once complete we can also supply you with a quote for your procedure.

What is a Graft?

A graft is a collection of hair follicles. During a hair transplant procedure, Dr. Sharma redistributes the follicles which can contain single or multiple hairs. During your hair transplant, we use a motorized micro punch to loosen and relocate each graft the desired area.

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