Why Choose the RF Surgical Profound® Procedure?

At Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery, we believe that to make a serious impact, you need to choose a specialty and stick with it. Our mission is simple: to return the beauty of your youth back to you. This mission is our alchemy and our purpose. Everything we do centers around this simple yet powerful intention.

For over a decade, Dr. Anil Sharma has specialized in discovering, uncovering, and applying the best procedures, treatments, and processes to make you look and feel young again. Dr. Sharma’s focus on cosmetic surgery has allowed him to build up an impressive reputation as a leader in the forefront of his field. From hair, face, and body, Dr. Sharma understands and continues to learn about the finer details of cosmetic surgery, to bring you beautiful results that last.

At Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery, we’re here to give you your second lease on life – the opportunity to live out the beauty of your youth, while keeping the lessons, experience and wisdom that you’ve accumulated over time. We want you to be striking in every sense of the word, from your head, down to your toes.

Are you ready to take the leap and rediscover your beauty?

Why Profound® RF?

While our energy, vitality, and personality improve and become more honed over time, our bodies tend to lag.

Over time, cellulite appears over the skin, reducing the elasticity and beauty of youth. No matter how hard we train, how well we eat, our actions can never get to these affected areas in the way that we want them to.

Are you tired of feeling helpless over cellulite, dimples, and loose skin on your body? Are you frustrated by the amount of time, effort, and energy that you’ve put into creating the body of your dreams without getting the results to show for it?

The Profound® RF Non-Surgical Procedure is more than just a non-surgical option. It’s a way for you to experience the pleasure of the body you once had without the pain, recovery time, cost, and complications that come with plastic surgery.

In as little as one treatment, Profound® RF has been shown to dramatically and effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite by as much as 94%, improving skin elasticity and bringing back that youthful, elastic snap to the skin in affected areas.

After a simple treatment, the appearance of those love handles and banana rolls will be reduced dramatically. You’ll love the feel of what it means to wave without the flab of your arms jiggling. Your buttocks will feel and look firmer, and your thighs and hips will regain that smooth, firm feel that you were accustomed to in your youth.


Why Does Skin Become Loose?

Skin loses its elasticity over time, regardless of whether it’s your face, neck, or the underside of your arms. With age, our bodies lose its store of collagen, elastin production stops, and our hyaluronic acid diminishes. Even if you eat well, exercise regularly and live a clean life, ageing is inevitable.

Profound® RF’s treatment causes very precise dermal injuries that arouse an anabolic wound healing response which stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin in a way that we’ve not seen before.

Profound® RF at Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery

Nicole came in wanting to address the ‘Banana Roll’ area. If you are not familiar, banana rolls are those crescent-shaped strips of fat that accumulate just under your buttocks.

Nicole had tried multiple different technologies to get rid of this troubling roll with little success. After a short consultation Dr. Sharma determined that Profound’s® long pulse radio frequency would be the perfect solution.

Profound® RF was able to melt away the unwanted fat while tightening the skin in this sensitive area. Two and a half months later Nicole’s Banana Roll’s are almost completely eliminated.

Why Choose Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery?

Dr. Anil Sharma and his team specialize in the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures, performing each procedure with their own hands. Further, Dr. Sharma is widely known for the quality of the results that he is able to achieve with the Profound® RF Non-Surgical Procedure.

With over ten years in the field and countless hours in practice, Dr. Sharma has come to learn the hidden secrets of the skin. He has become a master at understanding the limits and extent to which a treatment can go to be the most effective with the least amount of pain and discomfort.

Dr. Sharma believes in a dynamic approach to RF treatment. He wants you to see the results immediately and feel the difference it will make in your life when you take a look in the mirror and understand that you got exactly what you paid for.

This is what makes Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery stand out as a leading service provider of Profound® RF.

Understanding the Technology

Learn about the Profound® system, the first and only RF microneedling device FDA cleared for both face and body. Using radiofrequency (RF) microneedling, Profound® RF technology invigorates the skin, providing the patient with a younger, more youthful appearance. Profound® is a great option for reducing cellulite.

Because surgery, injectables, or significant downtime are not required, Profound® RF is a great option for many individuals who desire a more youthful appearance.