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“I Lost Half My Hair, And He Got It Back…” – 3,000 Graft FUE Review



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Rileys FUE 3,000 graft hair transplant results

We love sharing the success stories of our patients!

Meet Riley, he had his 3,000 graft FUE hair transplant with us 12 months ago. He wanted to get his hairline back as well as add density to it. 3,000 grafts is very near the upper limit we prefer to transplant in a single surgery to avoid over harvesting the donor area. But Riley had very dense and rich donor area, so 3,000 grafts was possible for him.

As you’ll see, Riley is over the moon with his FUE hair transplant result, and he’ll explain and go through the whole process from consultation to today, as well as show his FUE hair transplant results. Please enjoy his video review:

Dr Anil Sharma

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