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How Much Graft Coverage Can I Get With My Hair Transplant?



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An FUE hair transplant in Edmonton, Canada

The first point to consider is donor density. This refers to the number of grafts (or hairs) you have available for transplantation, whether it’s by the FUE method or FUT method. Unfortunately, genetics largely determine donor density and it cannot be changed. Next, you need to consider the area of demand, which is the area of your scalp where you want new hair to grow.

It’s important to understand that there is a limited supply of donor hair and a potentially large area of demand. If these two factors are not balanced, it could lead to poor results. For instance, if you try to cover a large area with a limited number of grafts, the transplanted hair will look thin and unnatural.

Dr. Sharma will discuss the ratio of donor to recipient grafts with you during the consultation. This ratio is crucial for achieving natural-looking results. It’s important to remember that as the area of coverage increases, the density of the transplanted hair will decrease.

Overall, a hair transplant consultation should be a conversation between you and Dr. Sharma about your goals and what is achievable. To book your own consultation with Dr. Sharma, click Here.

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