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How Long Do I Need To Take Hair Loss Medication?



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A botte of hair loss medication in Edmonton

While on your hair restoration journey, you might’ve come across hair loss medication and their benefits. You may have asked yourself how long should I take hair loss medication? It’s important to note that medication is not a cure, but it can be very effective in slowing down or even stopping hair loss. However, it is necessary to continue taking the medication in order to maintain its effects. Once a person stops taking the medication, hair loss will resume.

Taking hair loss medication is much like an insurance plan; it reduces the chance of losing more hair but cannot stop it completely, Mother Nature will always win. Hair loss is a progressive condition, meaning it will continue throughout a person’s life. The medication can significantly slow down this process, and in some cases, it may even stop it completely.

The decision of whether or not to take hair loss medication is a personal one. Dr. Sharma recommends that people considering hair loss medication weigh the pros and cons, through an in-person or virtual consultation. Hair loss medication can be very effective, but not a 100% cure. Patients should also be aware that they will need to take the medication for the rest of the life of their hair in order to maintain the results, not necessarily for their whole life.

Dr Anil Sharma

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