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Graft Placement for Beard Transplants



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Seperating the hair grafts into singles multis and doubles 1024x1024

Every case varies, but it is very common to complete an entire beard transplant using only ‘single’ grafts. Due to the disparity between multi-follicular grafts and single grafts we often use micro-surgery to split the grafts to attain the appropriate amount of individual follicles.

Why Do We Seperate Each Graft?

When performing a hair transplant to the scalp it is very important to follow the unique hair patterns and angles that every person is born with. Here is how they are most commonly placed when addressing the hair line.

Two to four rows of “singles” are placed at the front to create a dense textured look. Singles are finer hair, something you will notice naturally occurring near the front. This is followed by 3 rows of “doubles” which lead us further in to the hairline. Behind this we place primarily “multi’s” to give the appearance of dense and thick hair.

This placement technique prevents a plucked ‘doll hair’ look. In the olden days patients often received large plugs in the frontal hairline consisting of 3-4 grafts which looked very unnatural. Thanks to microsurgery techniques the grafts can now become minuscule and the precision has gone up immensely.

For these reasons, a properly performed surgery takes time. Grafts are living tissue and require a very delicate handling to remain intact. Careful excision, transport, and implantation are key to a successful hair transplant.

Dr Anil Sharma

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