This primarily depends on the quality of hair on your donor site. You are required to have a certain amount of hair density at the back of your head so we can transfer it to the desired area. If you have a large demand for density or coverage at the front of your head, then you need a large amount of eligible donor grafts in the back.

We are open from 9:00am – 5:30pm weekdays with occasional evening and weekend dates when required.

Hair transplants are commonly charged per graft. More grafts does not always mean a better result. Placement, skill, and precision are huge factors in your end result. Our Hair Transplants start at $6,000.

Yes, we have two options for financing your procedure. Please ask for more details during your Hair Transplant consultation.

All hair transplant procedures are performed at our private clinic located at:

16923 127 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, T6V 0T1

This depends on the patients desired hair line and density. A lot of our patients only ever need one surgery but other will come back for a second one within their lifetime.

Wear a button or zip up shirt/sweater as you will be given a gown to wear during the procedure and will not be able to pull anything over your head when you leave. Comfortable pants are always a plus.

They are placed into a solution called HypoThermosol. This is formulated specifically to support tissue samples during hypothermic storage. Learn more about HypoThermosol

We will need the donor and recipient site shaved down to a zero for the surgery. You may have this done prior to the procedure date or we can shave it on the day of surgery.


For the first half of the day we will be harvesting the hair from your donor site. Most patients will listen to music or podcasts and try to rest or sleep.

During placement of the grafts many will watch movies, read a book, or use their cell phone for entertainment.

Yes, we try our best to ensure our patients are comfortable to minimize discomfort.

We recommend you refrain from smoking 1 week prior to surgery and for 2 weeks post for best results.

We provide lunch of the patient’s choosing. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions prior to the procedure and we will be able to accommodate your needs.

The transplant is performed under a local anaesthetic block which ensures the procedure is pain-free.

This depends on the amount of grafts, but the procedure is done within a single day. This can take anywhere from 8-14 hours.

We will harvest and transplant as many as are safe but Dr. Sharma’s consultation will give him a good indication of how many we will be able to transplant.


Results can be seen starting at 6-months post-surgery with best results at the 1 year mark.

Dr. Sharma has 10+ years of experience performing hair transplant surgeries and uses a technique which delivers seamless and natural results. Individual follicles are extracted from the donor site and transplanted to the recipient site in a tasteful fashion to provide you with the best and most natural results possible.

We recommend you take at least 10 days off from intense workouts or training. Avoiding excess sweating will assist with your recovery. We advise taking a 1-month break from swimming or competitive sports.

Continue to use the provided spray solution to alleviate the itch. Refrain from touching the newly transplanted grafts.

Yes, over the counter analgesics are recommended post-surgery.

We will supply a regiment for you including all of the necessary tools and substances for cleaning.

Yes, however we recommend you rest for the required 5-7 days post transplant and be very diligent with your after care.

Best practice suggests that you avoid any alcohol ingestion for a week following your surgery. We strictly advise patients avoid alcohol the day after the treatment to give the best healing possible.

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