Aly's Hair Transplant | 7 weeks post-procedure

Aly's First Transplant

Like most men, Aly’s hair has always been a part of his identity and personality. He decided to address it and correct it early to enjoy his hair for many years to come. He came to The Sharma Clinic for his hair transplant surgery and was a fantastic patient. We thoroughly enjoyed having Aly at our clinic and the witty conversation helped the 13-hour procedure fly by.

By the 6-month mark you can already see his new hairline. The full result takes roughly 18 months meaning he still had an entire year of growth to look forward to.

One Year After His First Transplant

Aly is a fantastic example of why a densely packed frontal hairline makes a world of difference. The result is amazing and you can tell he is enjoying his new, thick, and dense hair.

Although most men will only require a single procedure to achieve their goals, Aly was so happy with the procedure that he decided to come back for another one. Meeting in the summer of 2020 we gave Aly a second F.U.E. hair transplant. 



Aly's Second Hair Transplant

After a very successful first transplant, this handsome young man decided to bring down his hairline even further.

The bottleneck for any hair transplant is the amount of eligible hairs in the donor site (back of the head). Luckily, Aly has very healthy grafts which will make for a dense hairline without greatly affecting the hair at the back of his head.

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