Number of Grafts: 2,301
Time Between Photos: 13 Months
Type of Surgery: Follicular Unit Excision (F.U.E.)

Recreating natural hairlines one day at a time. Restoring the frontal hairline is one of the most effective ways to take years off of your appearance. This patient’s hairline was slowly eroding and showed no signs of stopping – using a medium sized procedure we were able to fill this area in while maintaining a design that matches the shape of his face. This is the most commonly addressed area for the hair transplant procedure and when caught early enough, can be restored with a mix of surgical intervention and the management of hair loss. Does your hair look like the before photo? Start with a consultation – Dr. Sharma can sit down and lay out your options and confirm if you’re a candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Keith Left Front 1500x2764
Keith Front After 1500x2764
Keith Left Before 1500x2764
Keith Left After 1500x2764
Dr Anil Sharma

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