Number of Grafts: 3,289
Time Between Photos: 7 Months
Type of Surgery: Follicular Unit Excision (F.U.E.)

This gentleman came to our clinic hoping to get back his youthful appearance by addressing his fairly severe hair loss. Focusing on the frontal hairline and crown we placed over 3,000 grafts to achieve this impactful result. Over half of the grafts were focused along the frontal hairline with a smaller portion placed at the crown (better visible in the third photo). For this procedure we did not place any grafts into the midzone, found between the frontal hairline and very top of the head. One reason for this was to save a majority of the grafts for the most visible section located at the front.

Dustin Front before 1500x2764
Dustin Front after 1500x2764
Dustin Left Before 1500x2764
Dustin Left After 1500x2764
Dustin Top Before 1500x2764
Dustin Top After 1500x2764

You may notice that the density behind the hairline is a bit lacking. This was a calculated decision and due to Dr. Sharma’s harvesting technique we still have plenty of viable grafts should this man desire a second transplant to restore an even larger area of hair. The after photos were taken 7 months after his hair transplant and are showing roughly 65% of the final result in terms of density and growth. Over the next year he will see the hair begin to thicken, and even new hairs sprouting to help give greater density to the recipient area. In all, this is a massive success and goes to show that using a high number of grafts is essential to obtaining dramatic results. For those hoping to achieve similar hair restoration progress please note – if only 1,500 or 2,00 grafts are used for a case like his, the result would reflect that decision.

Dr Anil Sharma

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