The Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery FAQ

Please take the time to review our frequently asked questions which will address many of the questions you may have about our clinic and Dr. Sharma.


Must I Book for a Consult?
All new patients to our clinic must book for a consultation. While we appreciate many patients may have sought procedures in the past with other physicians, it is important for both the patient and physician to sit down and understand one another.

Cosmetic procedures should never be undertaken lightly and as such we believe the consultation is the most important element. If you are looking for a medi-spa walk in and out facility, then we are not the place for you.

What Are Your Prices for Procedures?
Having worked in some of the largest cosmetic cities around the world, Dr. Sharma is aware of the various pricing models for private cosmetic procedures. Some of these encompass cost per product unit while others are based on the physician’s fair value of time and expertise.

We are of the opinion that as physicians we should be compensated for our skill, knowledge and artistry. Thus, we embrace a model where we charge per procedure to achieve a certain result. A Calculation can only be made after taking into consideration the patient’s expectations and physical anatomy.

Who Performs the Actual Procedure?
Dr. Sharma is passionate about what he does, how he does it and the results he achieves. In line with this, he personally performs all the procedures be it from medical shots to liposuction and finds real enjoyment from working closely with each patient to achieve their desired results. He also has an amazing group of support staff but rest assured you will only ever be treated by his capable hands.
Is It Possible to Book a Consultation and Have My Treatment Performed on the Same Day?
If Dr. Sharma is comfortable that you understand why you want a procedure and what is entailed, then he may accommodate your request to treat you on the same day. Please ensure you make this request known at the time of your online booking.

Repeat patients do not have to go through another consultation and can book a procedure by indicating it on the booking form.

Why Can Appointments Only Be Made via the Online System?
While our patients are welcome to call us to discuss any non-medical questions before the consult, we have found increased levels of efficiently for both staff and patients by embracing Internet technology. All available appointments can be booked online by following this link.
I Am a Regular Patient. Why Must I Also Book Another Consultation?
The system requires a booking and a reason so we can allocate quality time to all our patients.
What Is the Cancellation Policy?
Time is one of life’s most precious commodities and as such it must be respected for both parties. We require 48 hours notice for any cancellation. In the absence of such notice, the booking deposit shall be taken as reimbursement for our time and resources that were allocated to you.
What About Follow Up Procedure?
Dr. Sharma may be seen by many to be over zealous when it comes to his follow-up policies, but in his view, having performed the procedure in the first place, it is his responsibility to ensure a smooth recovery. For more invasive procedures he may request a follow-up (free of charge) on a daily basis to ensure things are going well.

As per his practice guidelines in London, England, for more invasive procedures both patient and physician sign a commitment of availability for 72 hours post procedure. This ensures both parties are available not only by phone but also geographical location in the unlikely event intervention may be required. Dr. Sharma’s personal cell number will be available for 72 hours to provide patients with total peace of mind.

For more simple procedures Dr. Sharma is adamant the patient attends 1-4 weeks post procedure. He is driven not only by patient satisfaction but more over his pride in his aesthetic work. This follow-up ensures any minor adjustments can be made and to ensure the patient is fully satisfied.

Why Should I Choose, or Not Choose Dr. Sharma?
In this technological age, patients are inundated daily with blog posts, review sites, and adverts from other clinics and the beauty industry itself that set unrealistic expectations of beauty that are unfair to both women and men. We do not wish to be part of this type of marketing, and we certainly do not wish to compete with clinics whose goal it is to drive droves of patients through their doors only to be treated by non-physicians.

Dr. Sharma has over a decade of experience in cosmetic dermatology and in Europe worked for one of the largest cosmetic surgical clinics. He maintains his license in Europe and continues a small practice there for his long-standing old patients that it was difficult to say goodbye to. He attends at least one cosmetic medical conference per month in Europe. This is his passion, and he is always striving for improvement and perfection.

So in the Pursuit of Honesty Why May I Not Be a Good Fit for Your Clinic?
We believe that both Physician and Patient should choose one another through honesty, integrity and with the goal of been crystal clear about what is involved. We seek well-informed patients who fully understand the procedures and possible side effects that can occur and are wanting a long lasting physician-patient relationship.

We will always strive to be respectful and reasonable and expect the same from our patients. It is Dr. Sharma’s humble opinion that sometimes the right treatment is to decline treatment and perhaps point the patient in a different direction.

How Do I Book an Appointment?
Please follow this link to book an appointment. You will require a valid credit card for all bookings. You will be sent a medical questionnaire which we kindly ask you complete and email 48 hours before your appointment.
What Happens on the Day of My First Consult?
You will be warmly welcomed by our hand-picked staff and offered light refreshments and a seasonal fruit salad while you await your appointment. We encourage patients to show up a little earlier to enjoy our hospitality service and of course, Dr. Sharma’s art collection featured throughout the clinic.