This is Ryan

This beautiful soul came to our clinic almost one full year ago for her hair transplant procedure. Through the long 10-hour surgery, we had the chance to hear her story and it touched our hearts.

Ryan is transgender and wished to achieve a more feminine and soft look. Dr. Sharma offered her a complimentary lip & jawline enhancement as an early birthday gift. Although hesitant to accept the offer she eventually accepted and booked her consultation with Dr. Sharma. After a 1-hour procedure and a few syringes of filler the transformation was complete. With her new look, we decided to have some fun and finish with a full-glam makeover.

Working with such a kind and brave person like Ryan makes everyone here at the clinic proud.

Ryan's Makeover

Need a pick me up?


Read through the comments on our Instagram yourself on our Instagram page here. It was an absolute honour to work with Ryan. She seems to be in love with her facial rebalancing result. Her new look was achieved using exclusively dermal filler and took roughly 1-hour to complete. Other then light bruising and soreness there was no downtime allowing her to get back to work the very next day.

Considering facial filler to achieve a more feminine look? View our Dermal Filler page here and book your consultation with Dr. Sharma.