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Male pattern baldness affects about 50 per cent of men. It can start as early as in one’s teen years. Even though hair loss is an unavoidable experience for many people, it is possible to turn back the clock so they can regain their youthful appearance. Dr. Sharma has a keen artistic eye and years of experience creating natural hairlines. His methods are designed to create results that look like you never had a procedure in the first place.

Who is Dr. Sharma?

The Co-Managing Care Process


They Complete a Hair Transplant Consultation with Dr. Sharma


We Perform Their Hair Transplant Surgery


You Recieve a Co-Managment Fee


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Why Send Your Clients to Us?

Patient satisfaction is our primary objective

 Earn a co-managing care fee

Discount pricing for larger procedures

Dr. Sharma performs each transplant himself

The number and quality of our Google Reviews

 Lasting and impactful results

Aftercare and post-treatment education

Comb Through Our Results

We restore more than just hair – we restore confidence. Giving our patients youthful and dense hair can completely change their appearance. Tackling a problem like hair loss is a sensitive one and we make sure to keep our consultations discreet and concise.

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Find Out Why Patients Choose Our Clinic

Dr. Sharma knows the importance of natural-looking results and he works hard to ensure the satisfaction of each patient. During a consultation, Dr. Sharma outlines a realistic expectation of what to expect with your individual case. Restoring someone’s hairline can have lasting and impactful results on their overall appearance and we love sharing our stories.

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Results Mean Everything

In the beauty industry, Instagram has become one of the fastest and most impactful ways to showcase your work. Having the ability to follow the entire hair transplant journey from pre-op through to recovery is not only rewarding for us and the patient, it also allows us to give prospective patients a realistic idea of what is possible.

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