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Have you failed to attain the ultimate physique despite dieting and exercising in the gym? Do you have stubborn areas of fat which simply refuse to go away? Enter the world of Project Physique where accelerated peak performance is our goal!

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Get the ultimate treatments for freezing and destroying stubborn, unwanted fat. Target virtually any hard to hit area with CoolSculpting®.

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Cutting edge new technology with the unique edge of delivering targeted muscle growth while reducing fat at the same time.

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Emsculpt Edmonton | Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery

Custom Body Sculpting Method

The MML protocol has been designed by the MD’s at Project Physique. It is our very own custom body sculpting methodology. It aims to utilize the best medical technology on the planet to deliver the most accelerated results and performance possible.

Our MD’s are able to assess each client’s needs and formulate what we call a specialized “Body Sculpting” plan to deliver stunning results.

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