What are Spider / Thread Veins?

Veins have the important responsibility of transporting blood through the body and back to the heart, providing valuable oxygen and nutrients along the way. In order to prevent blood from flowing in the wrong direction, there are valves located within the veins. In some cases, these valves become injured or weak, allowing blood to pool in the vein. When this occurs, veins appear as reddish, blue clusters or strands on the surface of our skin.

Apart from the unattractive nature of spider veins, people rarely experience any negative effects. Occasionally, mild itching, swelling, or burning may occur, further encouraging patients to seek treatment. However, these concerns are generally associated with varicose veins, which usually appear bulged and cause physical discomfort.

Not surprisingly, spider veins show up most commonly on our legs. Blood in the legs has the difficult task of travelling up toward the heart, meaning faulty valves occur here more than any other part of the body.

Spider and thread veins also appear frequently on the face. However, it is thought that these are more likely due to overall wear and tear.

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Summer In Edmonton

Be Summer Ready

The arrival of summer in Edmonton brings with it a sense of optimism and energy. All year, we anticipate the warmer weather and endless hours of sunshine, not to mention the cute wardrobe that goes along with it. But for countless men and women, the season elicits feelings of dread rather than excitement. Slipping on a sexy summer dress or a pair of shorts means embarrassment due to the web of spider veins sprawled across their legs.

By middle age, nearly half of women and a quarter of men suffer the irritations of telangiectasia, also known as spider or thread veins. These odds continue to increase with every passing decade.

Fortunately, these pesky veins affect our appearance far more than our health, and for qualified doctor, treating them isn’t difficult.

Why do Spider Veins Affect Some People More than Others?

Depending on the type of issue (varicose vs. spider/thread veins), several factors are at play. If members of your family suffer from these unappealing veins, your chances of developing them drastically increases. Age is also a large determinant; approximately 70% of women develop spider veins by the time they reach their seventies.

Regardless of genetics or age, the following will also increase the likelihood that these unappealing veins appear:

  • Obesity
  • Sun exposure
  • Extended periods of standing or sitting
  • Menopause
  • Birth control use

Spider Vein Treatment Options

After diagnosing spider or thread veins, Dr. Sharma will select the best plan of action to eliminate the concern. The two most common options include sclerotherapy and laser/IPL treatment.

Sclerotherapy is used on leg veins. A solution is injected into the problematic vein – causing it to collapse and close up. This forces blood that was previously pooling in the vein to find a more efficient route to the heart, thereby improving blood circulation throughout the body.

Dermatologists utilize laser or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy to remove visible veins on the face and legs. These devices both emit targeted beams of light to heat and subsequently eliminate the problematic vein.

In some cases, more than one treatment may be necessary to fully eliminate the problem.

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