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Rosacea Treatment Edmonton

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition, known for causing redness on the face and small pus-filled bumps. It’s a common condition, seen in over 2 million Canadians; that can affect nearly anyone.

Rosacea is seen most often in middle-aged women with fair skin. It’s often confused with acne or an allergic reaction because of its similar symptoms. While it generally occurs in the central area of the face, it can affect other parts of the body including chest, neck, ears, and scalp.

For people living with rosacea, coping daily with the chronic flushing associated with the condition can have a significant impact, affecting their mental well-being, triggering anxiety and affecting self-confidence. As we age, dealing with rosacea skin can become more troublesome. The facial flushing associated with rosacea comes from blood vessel dilation in the face. If repeated over-dilation occurs these blood vessels can stay permanently. When this happens, the skin can appear ruddy, and the enlarged blood vessels are more visible through the skin.

It isn’t clear what exactly causes rosacea. There are, however, certain factors that prompt a rosacea flush, including sun, heat, burns, or anxiety.

Symptoms of this condition can flare up several months apart, so it’s essential to treat rosacea on an ongoing basis. Studies have shown that genes could also play a part in the occurrence of the condition. Dr. Sharma works with his patients to intervene immediately and treat the condition, which can worsen over time.

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Types of Rosacea

There are four different types of rosacea a person can experience.

  1. Mild
    Occasional flushing witnessed, some redness and small blood vessels may be observed on the nose and cheeks.
  2. Moderate
    Some patches of redness persist, skin may feel like its burning or stinging, and visible blood vessels can be seen.
  3. Severe
    Diffuse redness on the face can be seen. The nose can appear red and bumpy (this is called Rhinophyma) and occurs mostly in men.
  4. Ocular
    Can affect the health of sufferers. Eyes can look red and feel gritty and may water uncontrollably.

As with other skin conditions, rosacea sufferers find their flare-ups are often set off or worsen from various triggers. By understanding what these triggers are and how to manage them, it’s possible to reduce the impact of rosacea. With fewer flare-ups, the potential long-term damage resulting from rosacea skin is reduced.

Rosacea Treatment At the Sharma Skin & Hair Clinic

At the Sharma Skin Institute, Dr. Sharma offers topical rosacea treatment options as well as oral medication for rosacea. Laser therapy is an innovative and effective way to even out complexion by targeting tiny blood vessels under the skin. The heat from the laser consolidates in the blood vessels, causing them to break down. Several treatments may be necessary to see significant changes.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to cure rosacea, but instead, patients can focus on managing the symptoms. Dr. Sharma offers long-term treatment plans for rosacea to improve skin tone rejuvenate tissue.

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