Nail Fungal Treatment via Laser

Are you suffering from a nail fungus infection? If so, you should not feel embarrassed. In fact, it is estimated that more than 35 million people have discolored or cracked nails due to nail fungus. While there are a number of different treatment options including drugs and surgery, more and more people are turning to laser nail fungus treatments which can cure nail fungus in as little as 3-4 treatments.

The Sharma Clinic is staffed by Dr. Anil Sharma, an experienced physician who has practiced in England and Canada. He is licensed to practice in Alberta and is a proud member of the Canadian Medical Association. He is constantly honing his skills and has trained in Milan, Paris and London where he was able to learn the latest techniques surrounding skin surgery and cosmetic medicine.

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How do Nail Infections Start?

There are a number of reasons that can cause fungal nail infections including:

  • Family history
  • Poor health
  • Increasing age
  • Warm or moist weather climates
  • Tight shoes
  • Nail trauma
  • Exposure to infected nails in communal bathing areas

Signs of Nail Fungus

Below are just a few of the signs that indicate nail fungus:

  • White streaks or spots on the nail
  • Discolored nail that has separated from the skin underneath the nail
  • Yellow discoloration of the skin under the nail, on the underside of the nail, or the nail bed itself
  • Buildup of pieces of skin and nail fragments appearing underneath the nail
  • Broken, brittle or thickened nails

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? If so, it may be time to setup a consultation with Dr. Sharma and his team to see if laser toenail treatment may be an option for you.

Alternatives for Nail Infection Treatment Can Be Difficult

If you’ve suffered from nail fungus for quite some time, you may have tried a variety of other treatment options. Nail fungus treatment is difficult because the infection is often under or inside the nail, which makes it hard for certain treatments to reach and kill the infection. Other treatments such as oral medications or medicated nail polish can often have serious side effects, and home remedies such as vinegar, mouthwash, bleach, and others often don’t work.

Nail infection can cause permanent damage or deformity to the nail, so it’s important if you’re suffering from toenail fungus that you get the help you need as soon as possible.

How Nail Fungal Treatment via Laser Works

Laser nail fungal treatment uses specific light beams to attack various types of cells that cause nail fungus. Laser nail fungal treatment can be done in our Edmonton office and has no harmful side effects, causes very little discomfort, requires no anesthesia and typically takes just a few minutes to complete.

The laser that we use shines through your toenail to destroy the cells that are in as well as under your nail and are causing the fungal infection.

What to Expect Before, During and After Laser Treatment

Before Treatment

  • Dr. Sharma may elect to run a fungal culture to ensure that you are suffering from nail fungus.
  • One you’ve had a toenail fungus, you’ll always be susceptible and preventative measures should be taken to prevent re-infection.
  • Not all nail issues are caused by fungus. Our laser is only effective on toenail fungus.
  • You’ll need to remove all nail polish prior to treatment.
  • If your nails have become thickened they will need to be ground down before treatment to ensure the laser is effective.

During Treatment

During treatment, you may feel a warm sensation that should subside when the laser is not being used. Any discomfort is extremely minimal and very short in duration.

After Treatment

  • Some swelling around the skin next to the nails can occur, but should taper off after 24-72 hours.
  • You may experience a warm sensation of your nails and surrounding skin for 24-72 hours after the procedure.
  • Burn marks or mild discoloration may be noticeable on the nails but will resolve itself as your nails grow.

Laser Toenail Fungus Removal FAQs

Is the laser treatment painful?

When being treated for nail fungus by laser, no anesthesia is required and there is very little discomfort during the procedure. Most patients simply describe the sensation as a small amount of heat that occurs in extremely short intervals.

Can anyone receive treatment?

There are no health or age restrictions for laser nail fungus treatment. Even pregnant women should have no problem having the procedure. There are certain nail conditions that may not respond well to laser treatments. Talk to Dr. Sharma to see if laser treatment is a good option for you.

Does the treatment really work?

Clinical studies have shown that more than 70% of nails treated by laser showed improvement after just one treatment. To increase your success rate, multiple treatments can be completed to ensure long term benefits.

Is the treatment safe?

Clinical studies have shown no serious injuries, reactions or side effects due to laser nail treatment, unlike oral medications that are also used to treat nail fungus.

How soon should I see improvement?

Typically, a nail will replace itself every 6-9 months. We typically tell our patients that they will likely start to see new nail growth in about 3 months.

Are You a Good Candidate for Nail Fungus via Laser?

If you feel that you’re a good candidate for laser nail treatment, feel free to reach out to our team today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sharma. We can be reached 7 days a week at 780-476-7970 or via email at


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Dr. Anil Sharma MD
Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery Clinic – Edmonton
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