Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Hyperpigmentation Treatment Edmonton

Hyperpigmentation of the skin is a prevalent problem in both men and women. It typically occurs when the body produces excess melanin, darkening certain areas of the skin. This discoloration occurs due to melanin (skin pigment) deposits within the epidermis (uppermost layer of skin). Melanin is the natural pigment found in the body that is responsible for skin, hair, and eye colour.

Hyperpigmentation, which is generally harmless, can be the result of acne scarring, sun damage, inflammation, or other disorders. It can affect people of all skin types and ethnicity, but is more common in people with darker skin types.

Hyperpigmentation can occur anywhere on the body, and can appear either diffusely or locally.

Individuals who suffer from facial hyperpigmentation may become concerned with the aesthetic appearance of the condition and find themselves suffering from depression and anxiety.

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Hyperpigmentation Treatment

There are several topical medications that can treat the condition and restore balance to the skin. In addition, skin peels and chemical resurfacing are also options offered at Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery Clinic to treat hyperpigmentation. These medical interventions will even out your skin tone and rejuvenate skin cells.

Before beginning any skin treatment at the Sharma Skin Institute, we ask all our patients to book a complimentary personal consultation. During this meeting, Dr. Sharma works with his patients to determine the cause of their hyperpigmentation before recommending a medical approach. He also takes the time to fully educate his patients about preventative measures, including sun protection, to minimize future issues.

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