Recovery Time is Often One of the Biggest Hurdles

Hair transplant surgery comes with an unavoidable 7 day recovery period. This time is the required amount of time each patient must spend at home to ensure a safe and effective hair transplant result. Once day 8 comes around most patients will be back to regular life, while you are not functionally limited by the procedures recovery you will exhibit some tell-tale signs of a recent hair transplant. 

Redness is an unavoidable consequence of surgery. We are often creating over 2,000 incisions to the recipient site alone, this causes a massive amount of redness and irritation. While this is unavoidable, there are treatments available to help improve healing and decrease healing time.

Recovery Plus For Faster Hair Transplant Results

How will Restoration+ effect my results?

This program will help to speed up the growth process of the transplanted hair follicles while also bolstering your existing hair to give you the highest possible density.

The rationale is to artificially increase the number of platelets at a site where the storehouse of growth factors in the platelets can be put to use in enhancing tissue recovery, repair and health. It provides hair strengthening and prevents hair loss. Due to these positive effects, it has become a highly recommended method after hair transplantation.

What does it do for my transplanted Hair?

Preserve and enhance hair follicle viability during and after hair transplantation
Promote and hasten tissue repair and healing after hair transplantation

Reinvigorate dormant hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth.


What results can I expect from this package?

Hair transplantation garners remarkable results, however it is important to note that several factors play a role in achieving great outcomes. Even with extreme technical skill and experience surgery comes with a large amount of factors and complications outside of our control. This is why it’s important to do everything we can to give each graft the best possible chance of thriving.

Over the ensuing 3 to 6 months after transplantation most transplanted follicles will thrive and produce hair at their new site. Of course not all grafts will survive in their new environment.

Restoration+ delivers an increased chance at the best possible outcome while also expediting the recovery period.


Hair transplant surgery is an investment and while our plus package is not required to achieve dramatic hair transplant results, it’s a great addition to your postoperative regimen.

Reducing redness & decreasing healing times

The treatment delivered with Restoration+ uses the same injections that sports medicine to enhance healing after injury. When it comes to hair transplant recovery, redness of the recipient area is a common concern. While this cannot be avoided it can be mitigated by the healing factors provided by Restoration+. Patients can expect to have their redness and irritation times moderately reduced.


How Long is the Hair Transplant Recovery?


  • One of the most common questions we hear about the hair transplant procedure is, “How long is the recovery?”

    Understandably patients want to know when they can go back to work after their surgery. Interestingly, this answer relies partly on you – the patient. At Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery we suggest a fairly strict post-care routine that not only helps to reduce downtime – but potentially improves your final result.

    Read more about the days following your surgery here.

You will require three treatments in total. 

In total each session will take roughly one hour. This accounts for time spent signing the required forms, numbing, and for the treatment itself. The duration of the actual treatment is approximately 20 minutes.

Restoration+ is only offered to patients who have received their hair transplant surgery within one-months time. The cost for all three sessions is $1,200+gst.

For best results we recommend all three treatments be performed within the advised timeline. A single treatment may be purchased at $650+gst

The day after surgery

One month following surgery

Three months post-surgery

Hairline Design

Planning, and preparation are integral to any surgical procedure, and this one is no exception. Before entering surgery the hairline is painstakingly designed and drafted out allowing accurate measurements to be made. This also gives the patient the ability to adjust and confirm the newly formed hairline. View some of Dr. Sharma’s before & after images here.

Is it Painful?

Before moving forward with the procedure the area is completely blocked with local anesthetic which ensures a painless procedure. The average procedure requires 2,000 or more incisions and each one is created prior to the placement of the grafts. Despite the large number of incisions required, this portion of the surgery is often completed within 90 minutes.

Find some of our most frequently asked questions about hair transplant surgery here.

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After Your Hair Transplant

Here at the Sharma Clinic, we encourage each patient to do thorough and detailed research about the procedure before starting their Hair Restoration journey. There are multiple things to consider before and after the procedure and we love being a source of knowledge for anyone looking to learn a little more about the process.

Inquiries like, “Can I wear a hat after my hair transplant” & “What will I look like after my hair transplant?” are great questions and we enjoy being able to share our experiences, photos and videos with you to give our patients the answers they seek.