Even the doctors at our clinic get a day off and when this particular one does he loves to have his favourite maintenance procedure, the V2 Beauty Booster with Redensity® 1 filler from Teoxane®. A great statistic to remember is that a single molecule of Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water. One of the great benefits of the V2 is hydration of the skin. Due to this, the treatment assists to minimize the appearance of crepey and dull skin.

Our skin loses approximately 1% of its collagen per year starting from age 20. Anti-ageing is about prevention and trying to bank as much collagen as possible. This means stepping up your skincare routine can have lasting effects for years to come.

What have I noticed over the years since starting this?

Hydrated Skin

Better Hydration


Firmer Skin


Clearer Complexion

One of my favourite hobbies is taking care of my face as it’s always a work in progress!

We will all lose collagen and elastin, so with this innovative treatment we micro-needle the face to stimulate new collagen but at the same time deposit 8 weeks of premium skincare into the skin. Most creams that contain all the vitamins and amino acids our skin needs don’t always penetrate fully through. As you will see here we inject all your skin requirements at the same time. 


Considering taking your skincare to the next level?

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