Hair Transplant 101 Virtual Event!

We wanted to answer all of your hair transplant questions. Dr. Sharma has been performing hair transplant surgery for over 10 years and loves to share his knowledge about restoring youthful and dense hair with you. Thank you to everyone who joined us on June 21st, 2022 at 2:00 pm for our first ever online webinar. From the first signs of hair loss to the post-surgery recovery we covered it all. 

A highlight was answering the questions submitted ahead of time, and through the live chat. We also enjoyed reviewing user submitted photos and giving our impression on who would make a good candidate for surgery.


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Hair Transplant 101 - Full Video

Time Codes for Each Section

02:20 – Presentation Begins

09:47 – Donor Density After Hair Transplant

13:37 – Norwood Hair Loss Scale

19:39 – FUE Donor Site

25:30 – Recovery after Hair Transplant

29:45 – Past Hair Transplant Patient Testimonial

34:24 – Aly’s Before and After Results

46:50 – Question and Answer Period

1:07:45 – Hair Loss Photo Assessment

1:18:05 – Final Remarks


Follow Aly's Hair Restoration

You can’t argue with results. See his results over the course of two hair transplant procedures on our YouTube page or on his very own blog post below:

Thank You to Everyone Who Joined us for Hair Transplant 101!

We had such a great time covering everything hair transplant during our very first online event. The idea behind this event was to give a generalized look at the procedure and its capabilities. It’s nice to hear it from the source and we loved giving the attendees the ability to ask anything they wanted. From basic questions like “Is the hair permanent?” to more nuanced ones regarding medications and risk profiles, we enjoyed interacting with you.

Occasionally social media profiles can seem like a one-sided conversation with political and careful responses. These have their places but sometimes it’s nice to hear an off-the-cuff take on your question.


We hope that all those who RSVP’d enjoyed the event.  I would also like to send my appreciation to our special guest star Aly for an amazing overview of his hair restoration. His testimonial was extremely helpful in setting expectations and giving the attendees a realistic idea of what is truly possible with the hair transplant procedure.

If you’d like more events like this in the future for any of our services let us know – we had a lot of fun and would be happy to do it again in the next few months.

(forgive the messy desk, that’s showbiz folks!)

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Dr. Sharma has been performing hair transplant surgery for over 10 years. Our goal as a clinic is to educate you the person considering a hair transplant procedure for yourself or a loved one. It is not something that is often talked about but it’s a procedure we perform three times per week. You may be surprised how many people are moving forward with the procedure to restore and densify their hair. If you are relatively new to the procedure I recommend browsing our YouTube Channel Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery. We love using video to tell our story and give a realistic idea of what’s possible with this amazing but limited procedure.

If you are past the research phase and want to see if it’s right for you – book a consultation with Dr. Sharma virtually or in-person at our hair transplant clinic located here in Edmonton AB, Canada.