Bringing Life to Our Clinic

Diego is the dog/son of Dr. Sharma and has become an important part of our clinic. He can often be found wandering through the halls searching for food, attention, or someone to take him for a walk. Although Diego is not allowed into any of the treatment rooms he enjoys seeking attention through the lobby.

Sometimes, although rarely, he even helps us out. Here Diego chose the grand prize winner at our event.

Starved for Attention

Needing to be a part of the action Diego tends to walk onto set while we are shooting videos here at the clinic. Here is our favorite blooper from a recent video with the beautiful nurse Sarah D.

A Willing Volunteer

Lightly incentivising Diego with food is a trick that seems to work very well. With a small amount cheddar flavoured persuasion Diego again helped us to select the winners of our second set of door prizes.

Congratulations again to all of our winners!

We Love You Diego

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