Meet Amber - The Executive Assistant at The Sharma Clinic

If you have visited or even called into our clinic it’s likely that you’ve met Amber. Working with The Sharma Clinic for over four years she is at the center of everything we do. Being the first contact at our clinic leaves Amber with an expert level knowledge of our full suite of services.

Amber has over 5+ years of experience as a Medical Office Assistant and is a graduate from Sprott Shaw College in Vancouver, BC. In her free time, she is devoted to raising her daughter and her hobbies include yoga, hiking, and shopping. She has a strong passion for make-up and isn’t shy to try out the newest skincare trend.

We asked Amber
"What are your top 3 favorite treatments at the Sharma Clinic?"

#3. Under Eye Filler

Dark circles and hollowness under the eyes contribute to giving you a more tired appearance and I feel like since having a child my under-eye bags have become even more visible. 

We all know that bags under the eye are almost the first thing you notice on someone. For many years I covered my under-eye bags with concealer and setting powder for a quick fix, but this wasn’t ideal especially on days I didn’t feel like doing my makeup. Finally, I decided to target my under-eye hollows with a more permanent solution and booked in for an under-eye filler procedure. The results after the procedure were immediate. I instantly did not look sleep deprived anymore and the fine lines under my bottom lash line smoothed out. This procedure can make you look years younger and more refreshed just by correcting the under-eye hollows. I would recommend this procedure to anyone in my situation who is constantly receiving the “you look tired today” remarks.

#2. V2 Beauty Booster

I personally have dry skin especially in the winter months, so the V2 Beauty booster is my go-to skin-care treatment. The treatment uses a product called Redensity 1 which is a mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid, basically a combination of everything your skin needs to look amazing. It is injected throughout the face using the V2 beauty device and takes about 30 minutes to complete. 

As a bonus this treatment also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles but mostly it just improves the overall skin texture and quality. I was impressed with my results after the first treatment I received and after I did two more treatments my skin became noticeably more hydrated, and I noticed a huge difference when applying foundation as my skin was much smoother. I did one V2 Beauty Booster treatment a month for 3 months, the procedure was painless, and the downtime was minimal. I only had some redness and pinpoint marks on my face from the micro needling which only lasted a day or two post procedure. This is a procedure I like to do at least once every couple of months for optimal skin rejuvenation and to keep my skin glowing.

#1. Lip Filler

This was the first cosmetic procedure I ever received. At first, I was hesitant on getting dermal fillers in case it did not turn out how I wanted but after seeing the results of Dr. Sharma’s patients I felt confident enough to have my first injectable procedure done.

The first few days after the lip filler procedure my lips were quite swollen and bruised which is to be expected. I alleviated the swelling and bruising using an ice pack and drinking lots of water. Once the swelling and bruising went away, I was amazed to see my final results. My lips had more volume and appeared more “plump” while also having a more defined shape especially at the peaks of my top lip. The results are very natural, and I absolutely love wearing my favourite lipsticks when I go out. I now do this procedure once a year to maintain the results and it is my favourite cosmetic procedure to get!


A Willing Volunteer

Amber is always ready to try something new and has always been the first in line to test out the latest treatments at our clinic. If you’re wondering what one of our treatments might be like, I recommend giving us a call. There is a good chance Amber will be the one to pick up the phone – she loves talking about everything cosmetics so you’re in good hands.

We love having such a powerful woman and amazing mother on our team.

Amber, you rock – never stop being you.

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