Number of Grafts: 2,612

Time Between Photos: 6 Months


Type of Surgery: Follicular Unit Excision (F.U.E.)

This young man came to us hoping to stop his frontal hairline recession and restore areas with little to no hair remaining. In the before photo you’ll notice some markings that were created during this gentlemen’s pre-operative appointment. These sections show where the grafts will ultimately be placed, but also act as a guide to determine what type of graft we are using.

The area at the front (closest to the eyebrows) is where single follicular units will be placed. This means a graft that will only ever grow one single hair at a time. Something you may not know is that some hair follicles contain multiple roots, as many as four. These grafts tend to naturally grow behind the frontal hairline and around the edges of the hair. It’s simply how mother nature designed our hair and to give someone a natural looking result we must follow her lead. The second area back is where doubles and triples will be placed with the final sections containing only triple and quadruple grafts.

Being only 6 months in, this young man is showing roughly 60% of his full density and growth. Over the next year we will watch his hair continue to sprout through the scalp and thicken up greatly.