Number of Grafts: 4,000+ (Three Hair Transplants)

Time Between Photos: 4 Years Post First Surgery

Type of Surgery: Follicular Unit Excision (F.U.E.)

Four years & three hair transplants later – Devon has a completely new look.

We met this young man in early 2018 for his first hair transplant. From the start, he knew that this would be a marathon and not a sprint. His hair had begun receding at a relatively young age leaving him looking older than he felt. When treating large recipient areas like this it’s important to get a strong amount of density throughout, with a focus on the forward hairline. This is the area that draws the most attention and requires the highest amount of grafts to fill. A large part of the second surgery was reinforcing the hairline with additional grafts to help give the appearance of full and thick hair.

I’ll allow the video to speak for itself.