Number of Grafts: 1,534

Time Between Photos: 12 Months

Type of Surgery: Follicular Unit Transplant (F.U.T.)

1-Year Update: Mission accomplished

African American hair transplants come with an added level of difficulty due to the extremely curly hair follicles. If curly enough the F.U.E. technique is simply not feasible, for cases like this we rely on the F.U.T. method which comes with the added bonus of *not* requiring us to shave the entire back of the head. We are happy to show off this curly hair midzone restoration using the F.U.T. hair transplant technique.

This gentleman was also kind enough to allow us to show off his entire hair transplant procedure! You may view the full F.U.T. Surgery video here. The F.U.T. Hair transplant involves creating a long linear incision at the back of the head. We then remove a narrow piece of skin and the hair follicles for harvest. The wound is then carefully closed with stitches using a three-layer closure technique to minimize scarring. This technique is also known as the “Strip” Hair Transplant Method.