Number of Grafts: 3,180

Time Between Photos: 1 Year Post Surgery

Type of Surgery: Follicular Unit Excision (F.U.E.)

This farmer decided he wanted a better yield. Robert came to our clinic in November of 2021 with a plan. Fix his thinning hairline and stop wearing hats everywhere he went. Having done his research, he knew a large hair transplant would be in order. We decided that a 3,000 graft F.U.E. procedure would be enough to fill in the hairline with enough left over to density the lacking midzone. Luckily for Robert, his donor site (the DHT-resistant area located at the occipital scalp) is very strong. This means that he could have a large 3,000 graft procedure without a noticeable esthetic effect on the donor area. With some natural waviness to his hair, the F.U.E. technique is even more obscured and would allow for a future procedure if necessary. Following Dr. Sharma’s treatment plan, post-care routine, and hair loss stabilization protocol, Robert now has a fuller head of hair than he did ten years ago. His smile tells it all. It was a pleasure meeting this hard-working, family man. He very generously allowed us to post his photos here for patient education, and we are grateful to share such a #hairrestoration success story.