Number of Grafts: 2,307

Time Between Photos: 7 Months

Type of Surgery: Follicular Unit Excision (F.U.E.)

This man came to us with a classic case of gradual hair loss that slowly crept its way through his forward hairline over the course of 15 years. Often recession starts gradually at the corners and makes its way across in the form of lowered hair density. From day to day it’s not very noticeable but upon browsing old photos the change becomes apparent. Of course prevention is always better than remedy, but if caught at a reasonable time there are many options available to restore the hair. This man chose an aggressive and effective option of hair transplant surgery. He also went with a custom hairline that would compliment his natural features. Deciding to go with a more angular look Dr. Sharma filled in the forward hairline with a large number of grafts and brought the sides towards the temples evenly across both sides. While some choose to go with a more tapered edge this was the patients decision and with Dr. Sharma’s guidance, the finished result looks spectacular and youthful.